Anyone planning playing assassin/rogue build?

    • Level   5

    Can you advise on the best skills to concentrate on? The usual dexterity and stuff i take it yeah?

    • Level   5

    Skills like sneak, pickpocket, illusion, archery and alchemy.

    • Level   7

    For every class, there are magical skills that can help.

    Conjuration - Thieves aren't good at full on combat. You might need allies.

    Bow - Main Attack

    Blade - Secondary Attack

    Illusion - Invisibility ( Helps with Sneaking)

    Sneak- For sneaking

    Pickpocketing - Minor Skill, only part way through perk tree.

    And Alteration and Enchanting if you are feeling up to it. Enchant light armor to be pretty B.A.

    • Level   5

    Well I don't think pickpocketing will bring in a lot of money fast, maybe you should have alchemy, so you can make money faster

    • Level   5

    DEFINITELY get Alchemy. If poisons have even half the capacity for damage as they did in Oblivion, Bows will be your bread and poisons will be your butter. Plus it never hurts being able to craft Invisibility potions for when you get caught. Or Night-Eye for exploring caves. Possibilities are endless.

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    • Level   8

    Look here.


    Remember that skills now come with perks that give skills more general affects. Pickpocketing, for example, can be made to increase carrying weight or place poisons in people's pockets to kill them. While lockpicking increases the chance of finding money or special treasure in chests.


    These are things that weren't in Oblivion and I think I'm going to love it.

    • Level   5

    I'm going theif/assassin all the way, with some smithing, enchanting, archery, and destruction/conjuration

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    • Level   1

    I'm leveling 100% with a assassin build

    Bows & Daggers - One Hand Dmg & Bow Dmg

    Dual wield bonus speed.

    Sneak Attacks are a must.

    Enchant/Alchemy - Dmg modifiers & Poison

    No magic mods thus far.

    Make sure you have the correct pillar activated.

    Lock-Picking  over pick-pocket early on. I bought a house at level 7.

    Steal everything over a 10g value

    Start with any 1 handed weapons in the beginning. Maces are good for damage to level.

    Light armor only. Don't waste your proficiency bonuses from use.

    • Level   8

    Should I go dual daggers + bow or dual swords + bow?

    • Level   9

    I am 2nd or 3rd playthrough. I find imo that thieves and assassins get the best swag.

    • Level   8

    Sneak, archery, conjuration and single handed weapons. Single handed has some very nice perks for daggers for when you put your sneaky pants on. Dont mess with heavy armor, it will make you louder.

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    • Level   6

    join dark brotherhood early free set of gear, thief guild has free set also

    • Level   8

    For my Khajiit assassin I am going to focus on perks in the following trees to make my life easier-

    • One-Handed
    • Archery
    • Light Armor
    • Sneak
    • Lockpicking
    • Pickpocketing
    • Enchanting

    I will mostly focus on dual wielding daggers but will have archery to help me out in certain situations as well.

    • Level   3

    I'm trying to go dagger heavy and focus more on one-handed , sneaking and poisons. Will that be workable?

    • Level   4


    join dark brotherhood early free set of gear, thief guild has free set also


    I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that both the brotherhood and thieves gear is levelled - True?