Falmer Blood

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    I cant find these BEASTS to harvest thier blood an its my last one, I havnt even run into any of these creatures, and no help from wikki or google Yet.

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    i seen em last nite...random cave entrance up by the mage college...cant remember name of it tho..oya, the sightless pit. that is it. tons of em.

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    thanks ive been looking around that general area south east of the college of magic THANKS!

    "Jokers so Tuff, he eat the boggers out of a dead man's nose than ask for seconds"

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    I killed a lot of them at a Dwemer Dungeon. Look there.

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    Check out Shimmermist Cave in what I think is North East of Whiterun (no compass on big map). Its along the base of the mounting and makes a triangle (away from Winterrun) with Dragonsreach and Graywinter Watch/The Ritual Stone. Hope that helps.

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    If you go to Liar's Retreat, you can get all types of blood except the High Elf.  Be prepared to fight a bunch of them though, and they're pretty nasty if you're below level 15.


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    The easiest one I can think of is straight up the road from Dragon Bridge. After crossing the bridge of course. See the wagon attack and get info. Up a ways cross the river and go to cave. You may not even have to clear out this one as it shows up 2 more times for other things. All I remember is it was an easy one with only a couple ShadowMasters.

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