• Level   5

    Is it just me or are these guys b**tards? Any tips for dealing with them?

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    • Level   7

    If you're a lower level (1-15) then they will be hard little wastards. But once you level up around 20 or 25 you will atleast be able to cause so major damage on them. But still, those guys are pretty tough. Try using fire. They hate that stuff.


    • Level   9

    Get 'sneaky' the Falmer are blind.

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    • Level   9

    They're pretty weak in a straight fight unless you're approaching a threshold where they'll start to spawn as the next tier of enemies (for example, you're seeing your first few Falmer Shadowmasters or whatever).


    Mages you might want to stay away from, perhaps attacking from stealth repeatedly if you're really outclassed, if they're really strong variants or you're a stealth character. Also, they often attack in bulk or with Chaurus support. Before attacking one, and DEFINITELY before charging at one, make sure you know where any others are or if any Chaurus nearby can hit you.

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    • Level   2

    Stay hidden and scout the nearby area so your not surprised some Falmer you didn't know was there use your bow while hidden and pick them off one at a time, easy peasy lemon squeezy!  

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