Load screen freezes?

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    So, the only time I ever freeze on my particular machine is when I am loading from one area to another.  I have no lock ups during actual gameplay.  I have heard others with different lock up issues.  Anyone experiencing these?  They are pretty rare though, maybe once every 3 days or so.  But sometimes 2 in a night.  Random I guess.


    • Level   8

    I get them sometimes. Not sure what causes them. Maybe reloading a lot due to dying etc.


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    I don't know about that.  I never get them when loading a save.  probably just a bottelneck somewhere for some reason.  At least it is rare and does not make me dislike the game at all.


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    ALL of my freezing issues have also been during the loading screen while going from one location to the next. I have about 105 hours and have had it freeze 12 times.     Which isnt really that bad considering the amount of hours.  My friends game froze twice yesterday within 2 hours.  In fact I usually lose at least 1 friend per day playing because of skyrim freezing.

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    I have had about 10 freezes with 2 being during loading.  There is no rhyme or reason.

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    Me too, a lot of loading screen lockups. Happens on PC also. Save before traveling. Ive noticed sometimes the autosave does this afterwards , and it gets the the way of accomplishments as well. Could this be an autosave bug?

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    One thing that causes a lot of freezing in Skyrim is the save system. To cut down on this everytime you make a save save in a new slot, never overwrite a previous save. I would also disable autosaves and just get used to manually saving. If you do use autosave change the settings to only on fast travel and when waiting then every so often make a manual save and delete the autosaves. You might end up with 100 saves but just delete the old ones. This will also prevent corrupt save files.