Skyrim: Broken Quests

    • Level   1


    On my first playthrough, which was about 140 hours long, I didn't have trouble with any of the quests.  However, on my second playthrough, after completing "Blood's Honour"  (Companions Questline), I returned to Whiterun and found Kodlak killed by the Silver Hand.  The Companions are stuck in a loop mourning over Kodlak's death, and won't advance to his funeral followed by the next quest.

    • Level   3

    Go inside and kill the remaining Silver-Hand.

    Reload the auto-save at the entrance to Whiterun.


    • Level   1

    Thanks man.  I'll try and see what happens.

    • Level   2

    Yea I've got a problem with one of the miscellaneous objectives. It's the one where you have to kill the Hagraven Petra. I found out that, because I didn't release Melka from the cage, the quest just leads me to Petra's dead body after I kill her. She is supposed to drop a staff that I am supposed to bring back to someone, but it doesn't show up in her inventory. Does anyone know a way around this bugged quest?

    Like a BOSS
    • Level   7

    I also had a glitch on the Companions Quest line where I couldn't cure my Lycanthropsy. When I visited the tomb and used the Flame with the heads in my inventory, nothing happened. The 'Purity' quests to cure the other members also don't work, as soon as they agree to follow me to the tomb, they leave my party and the quest flags as complete in my quest journal. I ended up curing the Lycanthropsy by getting Vilkas to join my party as a standard follower and going to the tomb. For some reason, that made the flame work so I could cure myself, but the Purity Quests are hosed.