Cannot enchant 25% fortify

    • Level   1

    I tried searching and Googling, but could not find any answers to this. It seems many have this problem.

    My alchemy and enchanting are both at 100. I have the following perks:

    -Alchemist (5/5)

    -Enchanter (5/5)
    -Insightful Enchanter
    -Corpus Enchanter
    -Extra Effect
    -Fire Enchanter

    When I create a fortify enchanting potion, use that to create a fortify alchemy set (Falmer helmet, circlet, necklace, ring, and gauntlets/gloves), use that set to create a fortify enchanting potion, etc., I can only get up tp 23% fortify alchemy. According to the Elder Scrolls Wiki, one should be able to get up to 29% fortify alchemy using this method.

    Is there something that I am missing? Thank you in advance for any help.

    • Level   3

    you have to use that fortify enchant potion to enchant another set of armor to fortify alchemy.  Then you scrap you old set and use the new one to make a slightly better fortify enchant potion.  Use that potion to make another alchemy armor set until you get the fortify alchemy on your armor up to 29%.  Its an ongoing loop but there is a cap to it.