Xbox Freezes When i Play Skyrim [ HELP ]

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    can someone help me on how to fix the freezing problem with skyrim? it onky happens on that game too :/

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    That has happened to me, and a lot of people. You may want to go to the Bethesda blog and see if you can contact support there.

    What I just did was to shut off autosave, which helped a little. I haven't had a system freeze since yesterday. Something else may work for you.

    Other than that, if it doesn't resume play in a few minutes, just turn the system on and off again. It's a pain, I know, but it should pick up at your last save point.

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    i know but it just sucks, because it was like my favorite gamee. But Thanks :D

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    How often is the freezing occuring? The days I do play I might get a freeze but nothing to aggravating. I have noticed that the potential to freeze happens when I exceed 2 hours of continuous play (what can I say...time flies when your skyrimming...seriously). But coming straight from Fallout Vegas I can say that Skyrim handles errors & freezes 3x better, even after all the patches that FOV had.

    Again I dont know how frequent your game freezes, but definately install the game to your HD, clear memory cache, save often, try to limit the amount of saves you have to around 3 or 4 (not counting autosaves) I read somewhere that an excessive amount of saves does increase the threat of game issues. I know on Fallout Vegas I had to disable auto save however I dont find it an issue on Skyrim.

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    My game freezes every 5 to 10 minutes and has become unplayable,   As a last ditch hope im going to turn off autosaves and give that a shot.  I have cleared cache and pruned saves.   Hoping desperately that the patch will help.

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    Same issue as genchy, happened early on in my game play, hasn't been an issue for ages and now it's every 10min. Sigh.

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    I only get occasional freezes, usually when there's too much going on at one time -- like in combat with multiple enemies while trying to move while trying to switch weapons, that sort of thing.  Autosave is still turned on for me, but I delete older saves along the way so the total number stays below 20 or 30. For me, MORE annoying than the occasional freezes are the frequent black screens lasting about 1-3 sec.  They self clear but it is awkward when it happens in the heat of combat.  

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    my skyrim game frezzes everytime i go anywhere near whiterun. can someone help. ive polished the disk cleared my cache and its still freezing

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    Have you overused arrows? A friend of mine overused arrows (he was into archery since the beginning) and apparently, all the arrows you use are scattered everywhere and the game can only take up so many. His game started freezing repeatedly because of this.

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    These bugs have become more common between players, I'm sure the new patch will clear them.. I hope.

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    Happens to me with autosave on too. I have been researching this and it may have to do with the file size of the save. A person with a 8mb save may not have a problem. However my game having a 15mb save, freezes on loading and autosave.

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    Checking save file size is a good idea. Mine started locking with the 18-19mb saves and then I just gave up and started over.

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    Well it started again, this time on my new 4gb slim with a 320gb. I have a feeling that the Oghma Infinium glitch I used for both characters may be the culprit....

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    This happens to me pretty much every time I play ANY Bethesda game. FO3/NV and Oblivion.

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    You need to hold RB + LB + X as the game starts up at the loading screen, this clears the games cashe.