staff of magnus

    • Level   4

    just done the staff of magnus quest , and when i went to pick up the loot from the boss he had two staffs of magnus which i now have and can duel wield is this right or is it a glitch . 

    • Level   8

    Are you sure that the other one is "The Staff of Mangus" and not a different type that raises creatures? When I did that quest he had the staff of magnus and  the staff of dead Zombies. Either way that's pretty cool.

    All Hail Microsoft!

    • Level   7

    Take a look at this link:


    At the very bottom of the page, they report that a known glitch can cause the Staff to duplicate itself!

    • Level   7

    Sounds like a magic trick to me.

    • Level   4

    they are both the same . is it any good apart from doing the quest ?

    • Level   5

    yep it drains npcs magic then when theres no more magic to drain it then drains their health. Only bad thing is when it runs out of recharge you need a lot of soul gems but is really effective against mages. since it drains magic.