Skyrim disc basically screwed up - what can I do?

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    Okay so I'm sure this problem has come up but despite doing some searching I haven't found an actual solution.

    I bought, about four or five months ago, a used Skyrim disc from Gamestop. It was in working condition, no scratches of any kind, very little use. I've been cruising along just fine, happily skyrimming. It wasn't without its bugs and such, the occasional freeze here or there, but it worked just fine overall. 

    I took a break for about month ago now to wrap up school, so I didn't play the game during that time. Due to the frequency of my playing the game, I left it in the disc tray. When I came back to it about a week ago, I spun it up just fine, however I started to notice weird texture bugs that weren't there before-mainly just really crappy low-res textures on walls and doors and with decorative objects and such. I didn't ever install the game for fear of this happening(I was never sure if it was fixed or not), so it was surprising. However, I knew Skyrim is certainly not without its glitches so I didn't worry about it.

    One night I left it in the tray like I usually do, and when I came back it wasn't in the tray. I checked my Xbox to find someone in my family had opened my tray and then somehow jammed the disc back up into the system and then closed it. When the tray opened up the disc stayed put, jammed in the console. I pulled the disc out, doing my best not to scratch it, and inspected it to find basically no visible scratches on the disc, aside from a very faint ring around the outside(which I think was there before). I put it in the tray and spun it up just fine, and loaded my save. However, once getting to the loading screen I started to notice some jerkiness, and then in the middle of loading the game froze and flickered madly, and I got a disc read error.

    I ejected the disc, and wiped it off, and restarted my Xbox and tried again, same problem. I took it out, re-inspected the disc, tried again. Same problem. I then tried re-cleaning the disc and loading a different save. Still read error.

    So I took to the internet and armed with some advice I deleted my autosaves, unplugged my hard drive and put it back in, and then cleaned the disc off with some rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth and tried again. Didn't work. So then I tried installing the game, got to 34% and then got a read error. So I'm unsure what to do now, I REALLY don't want to spend the $60 to get another disc if possible. Am I basically screwed, because my game was giving me texture errors and such. Is there anything I can do?

    I'm on an 360S, 250GB HD, only been using it for about five-six months or so, current dashboard, current Skyrim update(1.5 or whatever it is), and it reads other discs just fine. 


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    Well if the disc really is scrathced then you have to get a new one, there's nothing that can be done. Can you try the disc on another console to see if it's your console or the disc itself? The scratches don't even have to look bad to mess the disc up. I had Lost Planet 2 for PS3 and it looked fine. Froze after the first chapter and then wouldn't even load the game after that. Checked the disc in perfect lighting real close and saw really faint ring shaped scratches.

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    The disc stayed inside the console when the tray came out?  That's not good. My fear is that when you pulled the jammed disc out of the console, you may have damaged the disc drive itself.  About the only experiment available to you is to try a different Skyrim disc and see if it plays any better.  If not, the problem is now with your console/disc drive.

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    This is why I always get the $2 Scratchcard Warranty, only had two games get messed up by my xbox, but it saved me buying the same game at full price.

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    Call around to your local video/game stores and see if they have a Professional Disk Refinisher.


    This is different than those cheap disk buffers (aka Disk Doctor) that you can buy.


    These machines are basically disk polishers.  They use a three step process with increasingly fine grained polishing creames/liquids that will resurface the disk.


    So, in the end, the disk will look as good as new! 


    Keep in mind, when CDs/DVDs are created, they are multiple layered disks.  So, if the surface is damaged ... it can be repaired.


    This process will not work if the disk is heavily gouged.  But, surface scratches can be buffed out easily.


    I have used these machines many times to repair my collection with problems.  And it only cost a few dollars a disk!


    Well worth the cost instead of the $60 to buy a new game!

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    I think that Pepsi man might be right the "pot" on the laser housing is very tempermental and if its nudged of bumped it will throw off reading the disc..or that outer ring burn is the problem,if that's not it maybe look on the inner circle cuz if a fracture even a small is on it,its done and best serves as a coaster.

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    I'll never understand why people buy those $55 used games at Gamestop.  OP, go buy another used copy & tell family members to not touch your things.

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    look to see if there is a small crack from the center hole heading to the outside of said disk. if so toss it.


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    @OP - I think the video store near my house used to have something called scratch removal for DVDs.  You should see if there's a place near you that does that

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    Also, since I haven't seen anyone mention it yet, you might want to try a different game in your console. Make sure you play it for a little while. If the problem is being caused by something that got damaged inside your console when the disc was jammed in there, then it will likely cause disc read errors on other games as well. There's no sense in wasting time / money on another copy of the game if the disc really isn't the problem.  But, if other games play with no problem then it will also be easier to believe that it is just the disc.

    2 things I've learned that bear repeating, even if you've already heard them.

    1. I install every game to the HDD.  Even this one and it should be safe to do it by now. If memory serves, the texture problem wasn't happening for everyone anyway. I installed it as soon as I got the game and have had no problems.

    2. No matter if you plan on playing the game for the rest of the console's natural life, leaving the disc in the tray really isn't a good idea. Many people may argue it hurts nothing... my theory is why tempt fate?

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    ^It won't do anything if you leave the disc inside the console 24/7. Me and my friend both have done this for 3 years, nothing. Basically you just reduce the risk of forgetting the disc inside the console while you actually move it around. If your console is in one spot for the rest of its life, nothing will happen. Especially if it's on horizontal position.

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    It's obviously not his console its the disc, cause the op states that other games work fine,let us know how this pans out anyway

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    ColonelB - I, in no way mean any disrespect and there may well be a lot of truth in what you say here, but one shouldnt condone theft, which is exactly what you are advocating.

    I suspect that generally, you are a reasonable person that understands the difference between right and wrong.


    I cast no judgement on your moral compass, that is for you to decide on but I would just like to point out that it is not only generally responsible adults that read forums.

    A lot of children will read these and other forums and it is the responsibility of the generally reasonable adults to provide said children with a sense of right and wrong and to not encourage people to break the law.


    Society in every country has its challenges already, lets not add to it or we have no right to complain when it all goes to hell...


    P.S. - Couldnt care less how long you have been posting here or anywhere... 2 wrongs never make a right.

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    Thank you fyerball!

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