Dawnguard DLC.. How do you start the quest?

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    Ok it says to talk to a guard but they dont say anything. How do I start it?

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    Same here...

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    From the Bethesda forums:

    Where do I start the content?

    Once Dawnguard is installed (along with the 1.6 title update), players that are level 10 or higher will hear rumors about the Dawnguard from guards in major cities. They may also be approached by a courier who will give them a note about the Dawnguard. Otherwise, if your character is below level 10 or you wish to find the Dawnguard on your own, you can seek out the Dawnguard headquarters roughly east/southeast of Riften. It can be reached by a small cave through the mountains.


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    Talk to the guards and they'll mention something about vampires and the Dawnguard, after that they'll hint you to a location on the map and then go there.

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    Just like any Microsoft device, reboot! After installing/downloading Dawnguard shut off your Xbox and and boot it all back up again...the Skyrim main menu screen should pop up with Loading Add-on. Almost guarantee the first guard you talk to after the reboot will offer up the quest line.

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    I went to Riften and the 1st guard said something about it. I was immediately approached be some orc guy asking me to join. It then goes in your quests.

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    I did he rebooting and the DLC has been downloaded and is taking up space but the guards won't talk and when I walk to where the cave is suppose to be it isn't there. Got any ideas to help me get this thing goin?

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    you could try to clear system cache that will remove all game updates, and you will have to redownload them.

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    Seems like an obvious thing, but is the character you're using level 10 or higher?  Reading the official Bethesda description, it sounds like you need to find the location on your own if you're not.

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    I have found the location on my own by using YouTube but when I get there everything is like in the video but there is no cave the trees are the same the logs surrounding everything is too but no cave and i even followed the road further on which led to the edge on the game I've tried everything I could think of but nothing this sucks.

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    And yeah I made sure my character was level ten and higher.

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    tried redownloading everything?, Dlc and the game update for it?

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    No not cause I don't have internet yet...dawnguard doesn't need to be play while hooked up to live does it?

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    I think it might.  When you fire up your game does it say "Loading Add On's" at the start menu?  If it doesn't say that then you won't have access to any of the Dawnguard content.

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    I'm not sure about that "online" part. My other game like this always says that but I think it's referring to a process more than anything. I have seen that message even when I wasn't online and the game played out anyway. All the content should be local on your machine.

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