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    New Skyrim DLC announced. It's Skyrim, but not as you know it.

    Following the vampire-filled adventure known as the Dawnguard expansion for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Bethesda must have realized that some players just wanted to relax at home and enjoy the simple pleasure of raising a family. Today, the much-rumoredSkyrim Hearthfire DLC was officially announced by Bethesda, and it’s not exactly what most players may have been expecting.

    Launching on Xbox Live on September 4, Skyrim’s latest DLC will allow players to not only build a home using carpentry skills and items picked up along the adventure, but also decorate and inhabit it. The DLC will also introduce a child adoption system, which will bring a parental protection scenario into play.

    The trailer gives a brief overview of how the building aspect will work, but it shows what is truly possible through the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC by giving glimpses of extravagant creations filled with statues, trophies and, yes, mounted Mudcrabs. First, players will need to purchase a deed to a plot of land. From there, they will use a new Carpenter’s Workbench to craft materials for building. The trailer shows how a simple, one-room creation can turn into a mansion filled with alchemy labs, gardens, kitchens and more.

    Check out the trailer below for more information regarding the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC. When Hearthfire launches next week, it will set players back 400 Microsoft Points (or $5); a far cry from Dawnguard, which emptied digital wallets at 1600 MSP ($20). No word on a PlayStation Network or PC release date.



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    When I first saw the trailer, I decided it wasn't worth it.  After reading that they are only charging $5, it moves to a maybe.  I probably won't get it til my PC is complete anyway.  Haven't picked up Dawnguard yet for the same reason.

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    I will buy this DLC for sure especially for only 400 ms points ($5.00).  Very reasonable price.  At first when it showed the ability to build a house I thought it was a mod for PC.   I was shocked when it was for all systems.   :)     Dawnguard seemed a little steep so I didnt purchase it. I am sure that will go on sale in the near future.

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    Still waiting for a GOTY edition...

    Could be cool, but child adoption seems lame.


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    Not worth 400 MS Points IMHO, what next another round of Horse armour.  

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    not what i expected but that happens when the community of some games arent conformist and demand games to be like other games - in this case Fable n Bioware family n romance petitions . Bethesda games TES n Fallout dont need that additions to success . Anyways im getting it .

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    I am pretty excited.


    This stuff was originally mentioned during that Bethesda developer competition, and building and managing your own house and family were my favorite of the features that were thought up. I am glad it's coming. I'll happily buy it, especially at that price.

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    I'll probably skip it. Looks like another PC Mod tbh and I've so many of those at this point that I've more than enough content to play through.

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    I think it would be a lot more interesting if you could actually build it bit by bit instead of buying a deed. I want to make my house HUGE and getting the supplies to build it or even make it bigger would give it so much more replay value.

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    Thats what it sounds like you can do.Seems like it will be a little like the sims.


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    Lame DLC

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    You know if you dont like it or dont want to buy it we dont care about your dang life stories. no need to tell every one you dont like it just because of whatever just dont buy the dang thing and be done.

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    I have been highly anticipating this dlc as it was one of my main hopes for this game and i think that some restriction on how big you can make your house and how it can be built would be quite beneficial as i know from experience when you are given the ability to do everything you forget why you are playing the game in the first place and in skyrims case their is so much to do and enjoy that do you all want to be bogged down as a builder when you could be running around putting buckets on peoples heads?

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    I think that some restrictions on what we can do on this dlc would actually be quite beneficial as i know from experience that when you are able to do everything you forget why you set out to do something in the first place and just spend the rest of your time tweeking and touching up here and there and forget the hole point of something in this case its to build a home and have fun enjoying the hole game not turning your character into a dragonborn builder, i mean c'mon whats more fun laying bricks or running around putting buckets on peoples heads

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    lol its a game