How to properly use the Fish hatchery and Bee Apiary

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    I'm unsure how these work, please enlighten me :)

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    I will try the best I can.  


    Fish Hatchery:  There should be a walk way ( dock) to the middle of the hatchery.  Look down ( block thing in the water) and put one fish of every kind in there.  Come back in a few day ( I think its 3 days) and jump in the water and collect fish.  They ( the fish) will re-spawn with out adding any more fish.


    Bee's : not really sure here cause that's the wife's house.  I just walk up to it to get bee's and honeycomb ( I think).



    I use the Alchemy room ( wing) for bee's also.  Not alchemy but the garden one in the houses.


    Does this help at all or did I make it worse??

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    Pretty well explained imo. I think the bee hive just replenishes over time (not sure on the days tbh)

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    I'm not sure about the number of days but, the fish hatchery is the same for me. The bee's haven't done anything yet as far as more than 5 but everything I put in there is still there plus the indoor garden bee's. Just my chickens are dry and no Roosters. None of my eggs have come back.

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