• Level   2

    it's cached all in the hhd have both dlc and it only freezes on a certain point .

    try to finish up my dark brother hood  quest but i can't seen to get pass the screen of death 

    the mission is called Death Incarnate , i'm on the part wher u have to get in to the  coffin , as soon as i get in and the night lady finish talking it goes blank and stays blank

    no screen shot no noise nothing but the black screen of death every time

    so far i clear cached 

    re-download the game and updates

    clearing cache worked

    • Level   5

    do a search in this forum, that has been asked/answered many times!  Its common!

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    Wait it out... It's a long wait. All part of the storyline.

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    • Level   5

    Yeah I left it for a while when I last did mine. Got pulled out eventually.

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    • Level   5

    It happen to me once out of 6 toons. I took game out cleaned it. Then it worked.

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    This hits a lot of players. I can picture a programmer at Bethesda laughing his buttocks off over this one.

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