Hearthfire add on help.

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    I bought and added the hearthfire add on to my Skyrim game. I built up my home and even adopted to kids in the Lakeview Manor estate and turned it on yesterday to pick up where I left off and the house and kids are gone. Has anyone else had this happen and what do I do. To make it worse, when I went to where the home was a messenger runs up to me with a message from the Jarl stating I can purchace land and build a home. Can I get what I had back? I kind of want to start from the beginning to because this one is messed up.

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    It sounds like the Hearthfire DLC didn't load for some reason. When you turn on the game and it starts, at some point you will see "loading add ons". This is when the game is searching for DLC.


    Anyway, here are a few things I would try.


    1. Clear your Xbox cache. http://support.xbox.com/en-IN/xbox-360/settings-and-initial-setup/clear-system-cache

    2. Clear the game's cache: Hold Left Bumper, Right Bumper and X simultaneously when the game launches and keep them held until the title screen shows up.

    3. If you haven't already, install the game to the HDD

    4. If those don't help, try deleting and reinstalling the Hearthfire DLC


    Maybe someone else will have some other ideas if that doesn't help. Aside from that, it may be better to start with a whole new game.



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    This similarly happened to me, in my game the kids are back where you found them completely adoptable.

    Your'e house is gone though, it really sucks.

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    Thanks for the feed back. I tried it but no home, so will just continue playing this game and will try it again later. The kids are back where they where though. LOL