XBOX Freezing Playing Dragonborn?

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    My XBOX is freezing a lot as I play this game. I have tried several things, i.e. clearing the cache and etc. Is it the game or my older XBOX?

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    Have you tried deleting the DLC then reloading?


    Clear the System Cache, delete the old DLC, then reload it. 


    Hopefully, this will solve the problem.

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    I played and completed the game on an original model XBox 360 with minimal problems. So, if your particular XBox 360 is having freezing problems with this game, it's not just because its the older model.  BUT it might still mean that your old console is nearing the end of its useful life. Could be that the processor is heating up, connections could be working loose, could be the disc drive, could be scratches on the disc, or any number of things. Hope it gets better. Good luck.    

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    The game is very resource hungry. If your X-Box is getting hot you can tell. Put your hand on it after 20 mins. Clean the air vents and get a fan cooler for it. Heat is your X-Box's worst enemy.

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    Never use fan coolers!! They drain more power and cause more problems i set a small fan near the intake keep the area clean tho.

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    A couple suggestions to increase Skyrim speed.

    1. Clear cache

    To clear cache

    1. Go to the system blade on the dashboard
    2. Go to the right to Memory
    3. Press Y
    4. Click "Clear Cache"
    5. Click Yes


    2. Make sure you are not overstocked with keys.  Sometimes there will be hundreds of keys in your inventory. Especially Dwemer Museum keys.


    3. Install the game.


    4. Make sure you dont have more than 10-15 save files. This is the most common problem people have.  They have tons of save files and it kills this game. You do not need more than 5-10 save files. You can save as many times as you want, just keep your save "files" as low as possible. No more than 10-15.  .
    5. Uninstall and re-install the game. Since several patches have been released, this can also help.
    6. Dont leave items just sitting around. Pick them up and store them in a chest or barrel. Sell your junk or store it in a container. Never throw it on the ground. If you get into this habit you will end up with a lot of misc items laying around the entire Skyrim world. Slowing it down and creating more problems. 


    If there is a lot of dust or dirt near your 360 then use a VACUUM to suck the dust from the 360. Do NOT blow anything into your 360.