Don't Play the ABANDONED CITY Co-Op Mission

    • Level   8

    It's one of Briggs co-op mission. and it's a Co-OP Only mission.

    That mission is glitched and is uncompletable. You will get to the very end, and the game itself will keep you from going further it.

    So till the latest patch comes out, just leave that mission alone all together. 

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    • Level   5

    This happened to me guys would spawn but would just stand there and be un -killable it works fine the second time round.

    • Level   4

    The glitch occurs if you die at the end and must reload the checkpoint.

    • Level   1

    I had this issue, couldnt reload from checkpoint because glitch kept happening. Friend and I left, did a different co-op mission and came back to it and it worked.

    • Level   2

    Apparently I am the only one who this didnt happen too.

    I think its something to do with the update that came out last week. Before update 2, it worked fine.

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    • Level   3

    Worked fine for me.

    • Level   3

    add me

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    • Level   5

    if you dont kill the first bot when it comes out then it glitches......

    • Level   4

    Same here, happened to me too, first bot slip[ped by while reloading and boom, then the game glitched. Had to restart the whole run and not let the firt bot slip by.

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    • Level   5

    I got it as well, My friend then hosted the game and we got through it.

    • Level   3

    Abandon City is now officially fixed!