game save

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    i keep getting this mesg your game save progress cannot be used without a title update

    and it has been updated  only happened when i download the bike pack  

    i wiped my game save to see if it would help  but still getting the mesg

    any help  thanks clanpipe

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    Hey there Clanpipe!  Have you tried to clear your system cache?  

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    yeah and tryed a new 360console and new  harddrive and it still says the same thing

    but its only since i got the dlc2 pack for the bikes

    next thing to try i swaping thegame

    i have no idea wot to do

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    There is another thread on this already here, the forums on aren't talking about it anymore either. It is essentially a type of game save corruption that cannot be fixed with random tricks (the current patch has a built-in corruption fix). Proceeding past the messages deletes only your non-primary files - stickers and photos - but then loads and plays online like normal. If you choose to continue past the message, I suggest backing up all of your files in the TDU2 folder first. This problem is extremely rare and so far xbox360 only, so nobody at Eden is concerned about fixing it. One poster claimed (in theory only) that deleting everything, downloading each Mandatory Update one at a time, loading them for the first time offline then online, will fix the problem. I don't have the patience to try something on theory that could take hours for a game I play less than that per week. So please, if this hasn't happened to you, stop posting "clear system cache" "put it on a flash drive" "put the DLC on a flash drive" or other random theories. There are very few of us (about 7 who posted online) with this problem and random theories aren't solving anything. The programming in this game is very poor, and wrapping it in a towel won't help this time. We're waiting on Eden, or learning to like this game without photos and stickers.

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    I got the same problem, i had it many times before its either A to continue (Dashboard the game) or B to cancel (Restart the whole *** game for the 94850948 time) best thing to do is totally boycott the game

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    Has anyone downloaded MAND 03, the newest mandatory update?