SIMS 3 PETS glitches

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    So after restarting many times in SIMS 3 for x box I had my first restart in PETS. 3 of my 4 members of my house had their fun meter break. It wont go up or down. On the same file one of my sims couldnt access his skill journal. It seems that the errors that were fixed in the last game are present in this game. Ya think EA would have fixed these things. I contacted EA and an error saved over an error etc causes a game break and if continued it would eventually be unplayable. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Problems I have noticed: If someone cooks and they are very hungry they will set up to grab plate after serving. If you delete the option to grab plate when they set it down then they will fly off the screen and be placed underground. The only way to get them back is to call family home. Some cars in various lots will freeze in the street. The mailbox sometimes wont work.Sometimes a sent gem (to the gem cutters) will not be returned. Dogs wont bring you gems. Adult cats freeze if they play together at the end of the playing.  Thats all I can think of for now. If anyone has had any other problems please list them in this thread.

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    To add: The cats while practicing hunting will carry their toy automatically. Sometimes they will carry it off your lot. There is no getting it back on your lot once its off.

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    If you catch spirits over and over around your neighborhood some will go appear in neighbors houses and the cats are unable to catch without you being at the neighbors house with another sim/pet from your house. This causes a glitch.

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    Seems that anything that moves will cause a glitch over time. any glitch will be saved by you. Then every time you save after that the glitch will be saved over a glitched file and again and again until your save file breaks and you are unable to save at all.

    Even displayed Gems that sparkle seem to cause a problem

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    I have noticed that after a file is corrupt the save files lose their picture in your save or load game screen. If you only save on pictured files it seems to help keep the game going and not lock up save glitch style.

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    * Cats/ Dogs getting stuck on your front lawn all day

    * Had my xbox lock up more than once when i tried to plant an omni plant

    * Invisble items in back pack or the back pack is broken

    * Sims bathing with clothes on

    * Sims getting stuck in action then says something is in the way when there is nothing in the way

    * Sims getting stuck in changing for work

    * t.v turning its self on for no reason


    * Save files corrupting

    * Some karma powers i had not work

    * The Duo Dreamer bed causes lines to appear across the screen

    * Work car parks across the hole street and my sim always goes to the edge of my lot it looks real glitchy to me personally

    There is prob more ill try to keep adding to this :)

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    Plants disappear after going out on the town.

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    I am on week 20 of my sims lives.  How long are you guys into it?  I have had a few glitches, not the ones you mentioned though I don't remember what they were.  

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    I have been having the same glitches occur to me when I play either Sims 3 or Sims 3 pets on my Xbox. I thought it was because I played too much but after reading some other blogs online it looks like an universal issue with the game. On average after 50 hrs of game play a lot of the issues becomes slight inconveniences to downright frustrating. I have had files corrupted and lost when attempting to save them and experience freezing at least twice when I play, especiAlly if I have a max of 6 sims in a household. On sims 3 pets I notice that it tends not to freeze up as much when the household includes pets. But that makes it impossible to beat some of the family-oriented challenges where you need the sims to grow up to at least teenagers to beat it. I also notice that if I done save the game before a sims ages up that my game will freeze nd I will have to start over.

    It is extremely annoying And I hope Microsoft or EA will take note of these comments being made in multiple avenues to have this corrected. I love Sims , I've been a fan for over 10 years and was thrilled when it was available on the Xbox but thiese ongoing issues make it very difficult to enjoy the game in its entirety if you always have to worry about it crashing. Please fix!!!

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    I was up to week 14 and then it crashed on me :(

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    Week 14?  Well today I discovered my sim has nothing in his backpack(inventory) where there were seeds and a laptop.  So I had him visit the community garden (on Pets) to harvest to replant and eat.  He got home and the fruits/veggies didn't show up anywhere!  So he went to the market to buy and the screen where the items shown to buy was blank.  So I thought uh-oh another glitch.  And then I couldn't back out and had to go to the xbox dashboard!!  Maybe the game is about to crash now. I am afraid to continue playing.  So I'll play Halo Reach for a while, then go back with fingers crossed.

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    It is a glitch. If you re load your game it should go away for at least a little while but it will come back.

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    Oh no, I just got this the other day and hopefully mine doesn't glitch/bug out. But considering there was no update upon start up I assume if there was any bugs/glitches they haven't been addressed and knowing EA they won't do a darn thing about it either (The Sims 3 bugged/glitched to heck aswell and nothing was really done about it) So it was possibly a mistake to have bought this, meh oh well I'll have to see how it plays out.


    - For me the first signs of a bug/glitch is that I can't recieve mail in the letterbox such as bills.

    - I can't cancel a command in progress until it has finished (only for animals at the moment unless it was intentional).

    - I can't see any insects that I have caught in my inventory so that I can display them, for some reason they hae just vanised (unless I was unsuccessful in capturing them).


    I'm sure more things will arise, but until then fingers crossed as I really don't want to have to start this game as much as I did with The Sims 3.

    Bundy is as Bundy does

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    Well you can work around some tiny glitches, but i dont think you have gotten to the big stuff yet.

    Mailbox: Get your mail AS SOON as it is delivered. I' talking the mailman is still in your yard.

    You might have not noticed that the insects got put in your offsite inventory. Check there in this version there are three different storage places.

    Yes they did mess sims 3 up but they did release a patch.

    I have contacted EA to many times. There is still no release date for a patch to this game. It might not be messed up for you now just give it some time. About three sim months.

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    Okay can anybody help me with mine?  Currently it is 3 in the morning where I live cause I've been trying to find a solution to a. Problem I just discovered. Forgive me for my typos because I am using a blackberry playbook to type all of this. The problems that I am having with mine is :

    The 'disgusted' 10 min moodlet is stuck and will not go away. I spent most of my night researching a solution for that and I threw out all my trash. Dumped all my groceries. Out of my back pack and nothing seems to change. This forum that I found you people on is the ONLY forum that is for the xbox version if the Sims. They say it's a mod glitch which u can't have on a xbox obviously.

    Random people come into my home during the day and night. Really creepy because I don't invite them in.

    And when my neighbors have hauntings after my cat takes care of the spirits the red lights in the house goes away but the fog stays unless I leave when I'm prompted to follow my simple when he goes to work.

    I'm not sure what's going on but I need fixes ASAP before it gets worse!!