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    I want the max reward from the troll but need to win at some dice but I am clueless to how to play. Even reading the strategy guide that comes with the game and since i never played original so can someone please give me a good description on how to play and win at dice. I don't understand the rules at all. Thanks

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    just roll the dice after placing a bet the marks represent the values and u have to get the better score and u get a chance to pick what dice u want to roll again if needed

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    Think about it like yahtzee.  press x over the dice you want to re-roll, then reroll.  

    - From the Witcher Wiki page

    Winning combinations are (highest to lowest):

      -  Five-of-a-kind – five dice showing the same value

      -  Four-of-a-kind – four dice showing the same value

      - Full House – a pair and a three

      -  Six-high straight – dice showing II, III, IV, V and VI

      -  Five-high straight – dice showing I, II, III, IV and V

      -  Three-of-a-kind – three dice showing the same value

      -  Two pairs – dice showing two matched pairs of values

      -  One pair – dice showing a single matched pair of values


    Don't roll the dice too hard or they might fly off the table.


    If you haven't noticed (it took me a little while, lol) the dice ARE numbered, just with shapes around them. 1 is 1 circle, 2 is 2 circles, 3 is a triangle, 4 is a square, 5 is a 5-pointed star and 6 is a 6 pointed star.


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    any advice on how to throw them

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    They are also number by the Roman Numerals that are on each die...


    As for throwing them... I just tap the stick and let them fall where they are.

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    the computer will probably give it up a some point

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    Just lightly push on your right thumbstick. When I first started playing I moved it really fast and the die went off the table.

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