Kayran Trap

    • Level   3

    im looking for one iron frame and one silver ore, wheres the best place to find these items? 

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    • Level   2


    silver ore is sold by the dwarf merchant, or you can find it in caves.  One small note.  The Kayran trap ends up costing a few hundred coins, and it saves you one small part on the boss fight.  I actually found it to be harder using the trap than just fighting the boss...and the boss is stupid easy once you realize what you have to do....when I did my dark run I skipped the trap.  

    • Level   4

    It's pretty much only useful for the achievement.  I also was confused about using it but then saw the little marker on the ground.

    • Level   4

    its alot of effort for something that is a onetime use.

    • Level   3

    use the CAT potion to sneak past that one guard and get the iron frame. Also be sure to listen to a certain conversation while you're back there.

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    • Level   1

    For the HARD and DARK difficulty playthrough, this trap helps a bit