3 click swing

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    Am interested in getting the game, but in the demo the 3 click swing was pretty much impossible as the swing meter moves too fast. In the retail version can you adjust the swing meter to make it a bit slower? I really don't like using the controller stick to swing. Thanks.

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    I do not believe you can change the meter speed. It might be slower in the easier levels....

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    I was a fan of the PC version of TW for several years (having moved over from Microsoft Links after that franchise went under). I hated that EA stopped making TW for the PC after 2008. When they finally released the 2012 PC version, I eagerly bought it and absolutely hated it (it was a port of the mediocre online game, not the nice-looking Xbox/PS3 game I'd seen ins stores). I managed to get a refund and finally broke down an bought an Xbox on Black Friday primarily for TW 12. Then I tried it once or twice and hated it mostly because the swing speed was SO fast for 3-click. I gave up on it and played Forza MotorSport 4 for several weeks and then tried TW 12 again over a week off around Christmas. Something "clicked" in me and I started managing to get a halfway decent swing. In that last 6 months I've played 300 rounds and am still enjoying the heck out of it (though I'm irked to no end that they seem to have dropped 3-click swing in TW 13).

    Keep on trying and you WILL manage to master the swing!

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    I play amateur 3-click and I'm quite happy with it. I'll never get the -27 you see on the leaderboards but I usually do between -12 and -20, depending on the course and conditions. I don't know why (clock?) but it usually 'hits' every 4% (90, 94, 98,102 etc.) and I usually get it where I want more than half the time and only occassionally 8% off my 'target'.Targets 50% or less are so difficult I'll chose another club but my wife has no problem hitting down to about 30%. The biggest problem is that you really can't play on-line as the 3-click isn't liked by most folks and the game demands all players play using the same method.