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    Does anyone else's game freeze when you try to load it?  it's really frustrating, it's the only game that I own that does this to me.  it always happens when at the 'tiger woods 13'  loading screen

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    I've had two freezes, one while trying to create a gameface and one whilst entering a live tournie, it's been fine in career and tiger challenges though.

    There are a few posts on the EA forums saying it'sfreezing for them constantly too, perhaps a bad batch of discs? Have you tried installing to see if that helps?

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    I've experienced two lockups both when trying to load a hole after a shot. Other than that it has been smooth sailing

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    There's a few problems with the game. Ea are working on them currently

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    I seem to get a slight freeze at the end of each hole.

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    Mozzy Eng

    There's a few problems with the game. Ea are working on next year's version of the game

    There we go... I fixed it for you.

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    I have played crooked stick, in career mode, at least 6 times this past week and everytime I've played it the game freezes. I play online in country club tournaments and the game freezes. I haven't been able to play anything almost since we got the game. My husband plays and the same thing happens to him only not as often, but it does happen. Mostly when the game is transitioning from one hole to the next, though it has also happened after the ball is struck off the tee or on approach.

    I hope that the patch that is coming tomorrow addresses this problem because I could care less which way I stand to hit the ball, I just want to be able to finish a round.

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    I had 2 or 3 freezes after +20 hours of playing.

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    Freezing only in online tourneys for far...

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    ...i had 2 freezes yesterday, after the update.


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    Freezing constantly on loading screen for me, after installing the patch. Never happened before. Whether running from Hdd or disc. Disc spotless and every game on my Xbox slim works fine...

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    Had a few issues with the game crashing at certain points, mainly while playing online which resulted in an increase in my DNF. Which annoyed me as I was prepared to play the round but the game decides to crash and I get penalised for it.

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    For the freezing on loading issue try this:

    Instead of logging in to Xbox Live from the dashboard, when you are on the main screen that shows your avatars sleeping, hit your B button to go back. That will take you to the main dashboard screen.

    Insert the game disc, then scroll over to Games>MyGames>Play Game and select.

    The game will then load and you will be asked to sign in from there. Knock wood, but it has worked for us so far.

    Now, if I can get the game to stop freezing while I'm playing, I will be in business lol. Though I must admit that by loading the game as above, I have not had as many freezes during. Strange.

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    Still freezing.  Another boost pin bites the dust.   Oh yea, and my coins that I spent to play on a course.

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    I`ve had many issues with freezing , starting to wear a bit thin now.

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