Hulu plus keeps crashing

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    Almost everytime I start watching a video on Hulu plus, it starts buffering until it times out & claims Hulu plus isn't available at the moment. If I close the app & restart it it will work again. Sometimes if I go back into the Hulu plus dashboard & reload the video it will play. However, this is an extremely frequent occurrence, and very obnoxious.

    Matt Parker

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    Jan 29, 8:00 p.m. cst this happened to me also. several times in a row.

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    This happens to me almost every time I use the app.  The difference for me compared to the previous description is that if I allow the buffering to continue I get a notification that I've been disconnected from XBox Live.  I'm then prompted to sign in.  If I do that then the Hulu Plus app relaunches.  If this happens once during a program I'm watching then it always happens again at least twice.  Very annoying.