PLEASE READ: SmartGlass does not work with Xbox Live Gold Family Pack Members

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    I've just had someone from the support team confirm this. If you are the "parent" (main) paying account then the features will work properly, but if you have a secondary or "child" account, you can't use the features like Halo Waypoint or the Forza map in Forza Horizon, this is regardless of whether the other accounts are adult accounts or not.

    They're offering no fix for this at the moment and all I have been told is that they might fix this with an update at some point.

    The only thing I've been told is that if I want to use Smartglass on one of the secondary accounts then I'd have to remove them from the family account and pay a separate subscription for the account that I want to use it on, which totally defeats the purpose of having a family account in the first place.

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    Well, I have the Family Gold Pack and am the main account holder and Smartglass still doesn't work for Halo 4.

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    I'm in same boat as Spartan 0405:  I'm a parent last time I checked and I've logged in with with my very parental account.  Yet, I get told that I need a parent's permission.  I play along for a while and eventually end up at a dead end.  Isn't this Microsoft to a "T"?   They have created a very, very slick promo film showing us the exquisite coolness and hipness of their product.  Like masochists, we attempt to get it working only to find some weird, inexplicable clause is Section 29, part 4.5, paragraph 6 of the terms of use that we'll need to pay more to have it work.   For 30 years I've been using this company's products and it's always been the same B.S.   Ah well, I'll chalk it up to a stupid corporate bureaucracy and watch as they sink further into irrelevance in the consumer software industry.

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    @tectonic, are you having issues when signing into your console, or just the SmartGlass app? Couple of clarifying you have any issues when signing into (I'm guessing not since you posted here as tectonicmango57). When you select "My Account" at the top of and then select "privacy and online settings" link on the right/bottom of the account page, are you prompted for "Parental approval required"? If so, then your account is indeed linked to another.  Note that if you are part of a family gold subscription (and not the owner of the sub), then your account is marked as "parentally controlled" even though you may be an adult.

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    Same issue here. Both myself and my 18 yr old Son have iPads and would live to use the Smartglass feature on our favourite games. However he can't as he's one of my family members (sic). This is a rubbish situation to be in. Microsoft need to sort this out for their PAYING subscribers.

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    If my kids didn't love the Xbox so much, I'd chuck that damn thing out the window. MS has a knack of turning computing into a uber complicated train wreck. I switched to apple a few years back, I just hate using Windows now. Hello MS? Anyone home?