Xbox One and your Windows 8 PC

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    I started wondering if the following situation could be a possibility in the future:

    I am playing a multi platform game on my Xbox One (ex. battlefield 3), which is situated in the living room.
    Right when I am about to continue my single player campaign, my girlfriend wants to watch her favorite show.

    What I'd like to see is that I can go to my study and continue this game on my Windows 8 based computer.
    Because I bought the game on my console (digitally), I should be able to download this game for my computer as well, without paying extra for the same game (only on computer). Because the game is linked to my account, it should recognise me on my Xbox One and PC. 

    I would love to see a service like that :) 
    Would be another +1 for Xbox vs PS for me and this is technically perfectly possible.  

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    It won't happen.  EA has it's own PC digital service called Origin, this service is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.  EA and every other developer/publisher will continue to keep the two systems separate, it makes them more money.  So if you have a Battlefield game on your console, but want it on your PC, you will have to pay again.  I can not see this changing.

    Microsoft has no control over what software can be run on Windows PC's and they do not make any profit from PC games sales, unless said game is produced by a Microsoft studio.

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    Sad, but true.

    Microsoft would not receive a direct income from such a service, but it could be more indirect.

    A lot of people are in this situation I just described and if they would have a service like that one available, some people who were thinking of going the sony route might even change their mind.
    And why not sell this service seperately with some sort of Windows 8 Gaming edition?
    That way you can request a bit more, just for this service.

    People could continue where they left of, gathering more points, and maybe even cooperate with friends who are still playing on the xbox. (coop I can see, but competitive might be a bit hard with mouse vs controller)

    The part of buying one game and being able to use it on console + pc is probably too far fetched, but just the service could be beneficial for both microsoft AND the developer (if they need to buy the game twice)

    A friend will come bail you out of jail at 3 A.M. but a best friend will be next to you saying " Damn that was fun"