Pizza Hut App

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    There should be a Pizza Hut app on the Xbox Guide So when I'm in a heated battle of Search & Destroy on CoD, I can order pizza from my menu without having to get up, call, or forfeit a round of Search! It would be on the Xbox guide for easy access I think it'd be kickass to all other consoles You would link your Pizza Hut account first then you could order pizza and walah! Anyone? Good idea?
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    Dear Polar Veyron.

    Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

    Can not make that. Pizza hut must ask to microsoft to make that app

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    ask pizza Hut if they will release a APP.

    If so you can use it on Xbox an windows 8 and all windows 8 systems like surface and so on.

    PIZZA hut have to do it !

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    It took a few months, but a Pizza Hut app is in fact coming for the Xbox 360! Details here:

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    Pizza hut is horrible and pointless there should been a Dominoes app instead

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    Ha i love that this thread ever existed, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

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    This guy had his idea made for him!

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    Polar Veyron
    Good idea?

    I don't know.  People are fat enough.  

    We're Alive.  It's like The Walking Dead, but in podcast form.  Also free.

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    Why we're at it Can I request a "Guy with Nachos App"

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    oh hey ummmm there should be a 'give me money' app yeah that's a good idea

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