Halo 4 Master Chief Avatar Armor FOR ALL!!! Not just Convention-goers!!!

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    This is a very simple want, and I expect ALL Halo fans to chime in in support of this one!

    I am one of MILLIONS of gamers around the world that are eagerly awaiting November's release of Halo 4.

    As such, my Xbox 360 Dashboard is currently displaying the Halo 4 Concept Art Premium Theme and my Avatar is currently riding around in the Halo 4 Warthog that's now available for Xbox Avatars.  And I am thankful to Microsoft and/or 343 Industries for making those items available. :-)

    However... my Avatar is still sporting the Master Chief's old, outdated Mjolnir Mark V Armor from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition because that's the only Master Chief Avatar Armor that's currently available... or so I thought.

    I have just learned that the Halo 4 Master Chief Avatar Armor IS available, but Microsoft and/or 343 Industries are doing what was previously done with the Halo Reach Noble 6 Avatar Helmet:  They are ONLY making the download codes available to attendees of Microsoft and/or Halo panels at selected conventions, such as the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short) and the just-concluded San Diego Comic Con/Comic Con International.

    THIS IS SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE!  Master Chief is an ICON.  He is the character that put Microsoft's Xbox on the MAP and helped the 2 systems become so successful that the Xbox 360 is now, in 2012, the Number 1 Video Game System in the World!  This fact was proudly announced by Microsoft at their E3 presentation.  Therefore, to limit the distribution of this Avatar Armor to only a select few that can afford to spend hundreds of dollars to fly halfway around the world to a convention is the height of rudeness and arrogance!  ALL Halo 4 fans deserve to have access to this item without having to pay the scalper prices on the Bay of E!

    This is the simplest of requests I'm making.  Please add Master Chief's new suit of armor to the Halo 4 Avatar selection so that all can have access to it.  Do it now, if not sooner!

    All Halo fans that also would like to be able to purchase this Avatar Armor, please chime in here in support of this. :-)

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    Okay, so, I'll put this in a way that's even EASIER for Microsoft & 343 Industries to understand...

    Dear Microsoft & 343 Industries;

    I would very much like to be able to go to the Xbox Live Avatar Marketplace and BUY the Halo 4 Master Chief Armor for my Avatar. 

    Microsoft & 343 Industries, kindly...

    Thank you. :-)

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    Petition threads are not allowed here. 

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    With all due respect, Temhotabot, this is NOT a "petition" thread.  We are in the WISHLIST Forums, and this is a WISHLIST thread.  I have merely asked that other Halo fans add their WISHES that this be released for ALL Xbox Live Marketplace users if they also WISH to be able to purchase it the same way that they can purchase the Master Chief's Armor from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.

    Again, not a "petition".  I am using the WISHLIST Forums for their intended purpose. ;-)

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    hell yeah

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    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese just do it already!

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    Petition threads are not allowed here. 

    I don't see it as a petition thread, a see it as a request thread, which is exactly what this forum is for, once again you are attempting to tailor the forums to your tastes, it's the moderators job to do that not yours, you are not a moderator so leave the moderation to them.

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    So, I gave in & bought a download code on the Bay of E when I found a Buy It Now listing that was just under the max I would bid on one.  I ended up paying about 3 times what it SHOULD cost.  But I didn't want to be sitting around months from now, still without this Avatar outfit because Microsoft and/or 343 decided to pull another Noble 6 Avatar Helmet on us! >_<

    But this STILL needs to be available for everyone, so keep posting here if you want it! :-)

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    I hope they do it I was so mad when my friend got one .

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    If they were really your friend, they would have grabbed an extra one for you! ;-)

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    It should....

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    Yeah great idea! Or they could at least do something like they did with Reach where if, say you complete the campaign on normal you get Chiefs helmet and then you can buy the rest of his armour on the marketplace.

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    I'm hearing through the Grapevine that in select Regions OUTSIDE North America, the Halo 4 Master Chief Avatar Armor may be going on sale for all as early as 2 weeks before the game goes on sale. B-)

    As more info becomes available in regards to any general on sale date both outside of North America, as well as IN North America, I'll update this thread. :-)

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    I want this armor SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO badly. i went on ebay and paid $10 for the noble 6 helmet and wasnt to happy i had to spend that much and im not looking forward to spending an even prettier penny on this armor because I know if they dont put in on the market place that I am going to end up having to... also I think its complete bull S*** that people pay about $2 for these things at conventions or how ever much they are and then sell them on line for like ten times the money. ITS ROBERY I SAY!!!

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    If the past is any indication, they'll release it to the public in the future. You may have to wait a while though.