Can you gift a game over xbox live?

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    I've been thinking about this and wasn't sure if it was possible. If you can't i think this would be a great addition to xbox live and i wouldn't think it would be that hard to add. I have friends that i know would enjoy certain games if they had them and they would also play with me online, but they are too cheap to buy them lol. It woudl be nice if i could purchase them on xbox live and send it to them as a gift. Anybody got any info on this and what are your thoughts on it. Do you like the idea?

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    Not that I think this is a bad idea Maverick, I can see it being good in theory... The thing I would be worried about would be if someone somehow stole my account, bought games on it, then gifted them all to a different gamertag.


    Other than that, I wouldn't mind being able to gift items to friends.

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    Hey there, MAVERICK. It's not possible to gift games over Xbox LIVE. However you can purchase points cards at retail and give them to friends so they can purchase games on their own accounts. Not exactly what you're referring to, but a workaround.

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    if steam can do it i dont see why microsoft cant :(

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    its easy gold master78

    one word

    FRAUD and copyright laws

    gifting is already abused heavily on psn and xbox  as a not supported feature

    supporting fraud by making it an supported feature means more liability

    iot should always be a prepaid code you can purchase one for the region you are "gifting" to from your friendly neighbourhood etailer

    if you get scamed thats your issue

    unliuke a supported feature you could claim fraud and then you get your money back

    it is also a major violation of the terms of use to transfer content from your account

    if johny just happens to have an adult account cause daddy let him to get m rated demos

    then he pays his new best friend who offers him a 10000 ms points for a region locked content like blackops and then he get scamed who do you think the father is going to sue>


    its about liability

    copyright laws come into play because ms isn't the only publisher on the xbox marketplace

    also content is region restricted

    meaning you cannot gift a US game to a japanese player because the us game wouldn't be on his marketplace

    every region has differnet content


    steam doesn't seperate content they do region locked certained baned games from the baned regions but thats upto them because they are the only publisher

    sony and MS and nintendo do have to follow international laws




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    then make it say, "Sorry, this game is unavailable in the recipients country. Please select another game to gift."

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    it already comes with that it is thst simple

    goto your friendly neighborhood etailer and purchsse the correct regional code

    the code of conduct is clear about this

    you may not use your account to gift  or transfer content or commericalized your account