Recent Players list in Xbox One

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    Either it is very well hidden or there is no recent players list on Xbox One.

    Please bring this feature to xb1


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    i cant express enough how much I miss that feature. I've met some many good gamers on xbox one but cause their name is too hard to remember the spelling, they are now lost in the wind. Xbox you need to fix these issues.

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    I have been playing ryse multiplayer and havn't added a single new friend because of this. I have played with some good people that I would like to friend or atleast follow but the one I even wrote down doesn't work I'm guessing because they used a 1 for and l or a 0 for an o and I didn't catch that in my spelling. This feature needs to come back.

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    Okay so I am not crazy. It really isn't there? I was looking for this feature today after a game of killer instinct with someone way cool and on a similar skill level as me.  I couldn't find it so came to google to see if it could direct me to the option on the interface that I assumed I just couldn't find.  Instead it directed me here to this disappointing news.  Even if I could see them on like I can with my old 360 "people I have met" sections that would help.  Ugh.  I guess we just have to hope for a patch.  :(

    Yes MS we need an easy way to reconnect with people we play with.  People have crazy gamertags and I do not game with a pen and paper in front of me to write them down.  Please bring this feature to XB1.  While you are at it being able to snap a friends list which includes a "people I have met" section would be kind of cool too.


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    I couldn't agree more. This feature is the origin of nearly all my randomly met xbox 360 friends.  It needs to happen on xbox one as well.

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    Microsoft, PLEASE FIX THIS!

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    Haha I was going nuts looking for that thing. Had a good partner in ryse. Actually the only cooperative person I got and also found out he had all the same games as me. I had to leave the game and I figured I could just look him up through recent players. Nope! Come on MS Xbox one is great but don't forget the fundamentals. I figured I speak on it too. Enough people talk the problem will get solved

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    This feature is also useful to report or "prefer not to play with again" someone... whatever that was called.