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    @above person your friendly neighbourhood etailer already does that

    and no its not simple for 1

    when you buy content you buy it for your console and you download it

    xbox live doesn't check or ask yiou or confirm if you deleted the content neither does PSN fyi you cannot select someone elses account

    you are not required to be on live unless its online only content



    STEAM allows it because they can confirm if you deleted the content or not because you only have access to the content ON steam

    xbox nor psn support it because you can use it offline or online

    if you think it is that simple ask all the users baned for marketplace theft

    your friendly etailer will take care of you plus email the code to your said "friend"







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    I don't imagine it would do too very much to help people dodge bans, as I'm sure not every single thing could be gifted, but only certain items.  Not to mention, they don't get a nice warning so they can start shuffling items about.  Just suddenly BAM, banhammered, at which point I'm certain all the DLC would be gone, not to be gifted again.  Now I'm not saying noone would abuse the system at all, but that already holds true for plain old Microsoft points.  So yes, some safeguards would have to be considered and implemented.  Oh, and no, "gifting" isn't commercializing an account.  Commercialization requires a transaction where both sides receive something.  Gifting, as the name implies, is just one side giving a gift.  Just like you can do with Microsoft points now (which also isn't a violation, provided it's a gift and you aren't trading them for something).  Anyway, yes, it would need work, but I don't think it's an idea that should be completely tossed out offhand.

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    I understand there would be some legal issues to work around.

    Where you're talking about cheating from gifting?

    I have no idea what you're talking about.

    Perhaps some people don't want to use a "friendly" etailor as you call it.

    Perhaps they would rather not put their information out anymore & just use the services at hand at home.

    I'm not looking to argue about this. It's just a suggestion.

    An idea I'm sure is being talked about in more places than just here.

    This is part of the wishlist/feedback forum correct?

    What's the point of arguing? If you don't like the idea you've said what you think/feel about it.

    No need to continue telling people they're wrong & don't know spit about how anything works.

    I see a system of gifting would definitely take some work & time to perfect.

    However, I also still believe it would boost the sales in the Xbox Marketplace.

    As more content would be purchased & GIFTED being the key word.

    The content would still have to be purchased.

    I understand where you're coming from to some extent though ngocphi.

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    Commericalization would be a voilation not to mention if you do so it qould make it easier and more work for the xbl pet team

    Sorry but if you commericalize your account ot trade for cheating there is no protection against that gifting

    Do you guys not read the terms of use I quoted you it

    You may not transfer funds or your content

    So explain to me how everytime tommy sends his "friend: 1600 ms points and daddy gets angry not omly is ms liable but it isnt a supported service due to tommy using daddys creditcard

    That is a safety feature

    You are more prone to give out your info by gifting then using an etailer I dont know qhere you are coming up with this stuff

    If you dont trust your friendly etailer what etailer are you using and where can I get one that is so funnyI

    With an etailer you get an email address thats it that you send out

    If you happened to be scammed that is between you and the receiver

    Sorry noone is going to provide easier access to scammers and phishers

    The only reason forngifting should be between family not between my best besr friend who happems to pffer 10th prestigr lobby or seasons pass access for a meer 1600 points

    You know how hard that would be to track?


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    @keda you mean all the threads about people making family accounts and geting scamed or worse giving their account info and the host of the lobby makes a family account to gift himself or the fifa ultimate team

    Dont make you question the need for gifting? Or making it easier to bypass the terms of use?

    Sorry guys I dont want to make it easier for people to get scammed

    And no the dlc doesnt work the way you are asking

    You buy something it is yours

    If you buy a dlc code then you can avoid that issue from your friendly neighbourhood etailer 


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    ngocphi, you might want to go through this topic one more time. "si-/P/-uli is the one bringing up the point of selling accounts" Really now? May I remind you that you were the first one to bring up "people selling accounts" to which I simply replied. Anyways, gifting is not somehow going to put your account information at risk. The recipient won't need your log in information nor can that person somehow go through the gift and see it posted all over. And like I said before, people are already buying cheats all over the world. How would gifting make it any worse especially when you can't gift cheats? And what's with the 1600 msp example? You mean MS would have to refund if a kid uses his daddy's credit card to purchase them to gift something? Coz in cases like that MS simply doesn't even refund the points. Your console, your responsibility. And seriously, if you lose your account because you were stupid enough to give someone your infromation, it's your own fault and should not stop adding a gifting function. And for the last time: gifting isn't trading.

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    I'm sorry, but when someone is saying "I think things should work differently" and the argument against boils down to "that isn't how this works"... that just gives me a headache, and I have no idea how to address it.