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Xbox Live in Malaysia?

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I wonder if MS Xbox Live will lunch in malaysia soon? i hope they should because alot of people in malaysia buy Xbox. The game price and other benefit hopefully at reasonable price for locale people. Buy the original be original  :)

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    Totally agree with you man! >,<

    Just hoping and praying they'd bring the Xbox Live here, could really change things... =)

    Btw, Im from Malaysia too.... and there are a lot of interested (not to mention original) Xbox 360 users here who would love to

    have Xbox Live!


    Please bring Xbox Live to Malaysia, Microsoft! [:)]

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    can we play online in malaysia

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    Yup can... Go get the Xbox Live Gold Subscription. =)

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    but how to pay

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    If you sign up from an unsupported country and lie about your actual location expect issues with regards to content and purchases.

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    So what your suggestion? How much it will take to set up a Xbox Live in Malaysia?

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    i think itd be great to launch xbox live in malaysia considering it has more or less bigger community than singapore's, so from that microsoft gets more money, we get better deals and actually can set a malaysian locale.

    and we'd also have easier and possibly cheaper access to games and MS points, membership etc.

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    I would think microsoft would have made it available for everyone in Malaysia. Its a pretty good size country. Thats kinda bull. One of my friends from Australia created a US account in the region just so he could download some of the free games on xbox in the us region. Alot of the games on the marketplace or only available to certain countries. Could be an idea until microsoft gets it together for you guys. Hope to see you all on live soon.

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    Yeah....i hope some market at malaysia will sell xbox live gold membership

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    I have a question! where can i get PAL or region free game in malaysia. Because i got my console from australia yet i cant find any in malaysia. If i buy games using gold member.Would i stil be able to play the games if the gold member period finish? If so i think i prefer a cd games

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    Hello fellow Malaysian xbox gamers. I am Malaysian, been playing for just over 3 years. Hope to see you guys online sometime.

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    I'm also Malaysian, and I would like to also ask Microsoft to launch XBL in Malaysia so I can have a Malaysian XBL account. XBL is now needed not only for XBox 360, but also Windows Phone 7 devices. I ask that Microsoft please launch the service in Malaysia- because not only those with XBox 360s cannot officially play online, but also those with Windows Phone 7 devices needs the service to be able to play games online using their phone(and there are official WinPho devices launched over here. But they're not attractive because these missing services makes the device less useful compared to competing phones).

    Please consider, Microsoft!

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    is there any way we can buy ms points if our account is malaysian account?

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    You can't even make a Malaysian account on XBL at the moment :/

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    Interestingly, Malay newspapers has been either showing suspicious ads on Xbox recently. Not to mention, there was one report that mentioned Microsoft being eager to bring Live servers to Malaysia as there was a market there.... Hope they do eventually...

    Anyways, if YOU are a Malaysian Xboxer.... I recommend you goin here! (Trust me its safe)...

    Its the unofficial Malaysian Xbox 360 owners page, where You can meet/befriend/share/play with fellow Malaysian Xboxers all bent on playing original Xbox games!! See you there guys!! XD