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Control DVD/Blu-Ray menu using Kinect Voice Commands

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Spoke to a Support Ambassador and they recommended I log this here.

I really like the Kinect voice control for the Blu-ray app but it is let down a little by the fact you cannot control the DVD/Blu-ray menu using voice control. I understand that each menu is different, but if there were some basic navigation voice controls (e.g. xbox left/right/up/down for movement and xbox select for Enter) then that would be of great benefit. On most Menu's you just want to select the play option which is highlighted by default.

Could someone from Microsoft add this to the "wish list" for this app (or tell me how I can do that)?



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    I agree. I was very disappointed when I had to use my controller to select "Play Movie" on the Title screen.

    The Kinect 'Play" command is already in use, since the movie is already running, thus it will not work. And it appears that the Kinect Motion detection is not enabled during Blu-Ray playback either.

    This is a very big short coming when trying to use the XBOX ONE as a all in one Media console. It is to cumbersome to expect kids to fumble around with a controller for one click.

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    This is a fantastic idea but could prove to be a problem as it would actually mean having that support on the disc not just the Blu-ray App, as saying "Play movie or Menu" would mean nothing to the app as it will not no witch selection on the disc corresponds to it even "Left, Right etc" would all need some sort of support at the disc level as every film is different and will have a different menu/play order.

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    I don't think it would need disc support as if the Xbox One controller can already move the highlight and select items within a DVD/Menu, which I would imagine it does by calling a standard set of API's within the Blu-Ray/DVD standard (which is usually Java but may not be on Xbox One) it should be possible to activate those same API's using the voice.

    Let's hope someone from Microsoft reads this and agrees about the omission of this function!

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    "Xbox Select." That's all I need for hands free playback, since 'Play Movie' is already selected by default in the menu. Once MS gets the lip sync and audio lag issues fixed and 3D support added, I can finally get rid of my Blu-Ray player, which has no place under the TV anymore (no more room). It's just sitting on the floor right now.

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    Very simply having something like "Xbox Press A" would be great for most DVDs and BluRays.  With Smart Glass you can swipe left, right, up and down through menus and press A, B having those in voice format would be awesome.  Come on Microsoft admins, let's make this right.

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    I completely agree with all of you. I hope Microsoft will add voice commands for DVD/blu-ray menus soon using the up, down, left, right, and enter commands. I am really happy with the voice commands so far. This is the only thing (other than games ) that I pick up a controller for.

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    I agree with you. I would love to see this in an update soon.

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    Yup, I agree.

    Anyone know what the current commands available are?

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    I also found this very disappointing and even worse that it was even completely overlooked is a lack in detail that makes a eh system into an amazing center piece. Is there a uservoice for xbox one? I really like what the VS team did...

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