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    And just for good measure i re-confirmed with another agent. She says no word yet on the actual time for the release.

    Jessa: Hi, James! I understand you have some concerns about the release date of Counter Strike Global Offensive, is that right?

    James: Yes, thats correct

    James: The developers of the game "valve" say its suppose to be out today but its not available for purchase on Xbox live arcade yet

    Jessa: I see, I do apologize about all the confusion, James. It has been announced that the game would be released on August 22nd.

    Jessa: You can check out updates here:

    Jessa: A look at content coming soon to the Xbox

    James: ok i thought it might have been aug 22

    James: do you know if it will be availbe tonight at midnight then?

    James: or what time tomorrow it will be available for purchase xbox live arcade?

    Jessa: Alrighty. You can also follow Majoy Nelson's twitter for updates. We don't have word yet on the time it is released, though.

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    Of course i completely agree. Microsoft "agent" is more accurate and of course any info shouldn't be considered infallible or 100% factual, is should be taken with "a grain of salt" as they say. But its better then sitting by my tv screen wondering when the purchase now icon appears! lol. Yeah and as far as the Wednesday releases thing i never bought into that supposed fact 'cause like you said other games have been released the were not on a Wednesday but i said "the debate continues" because there will surely be people that swear up and down that they are correct in believing Microsoft's policy/procedure is to release games on Wednesdays even more so now that the game is confirmed (to an extent) to not be coming out today on Tuesday but rather on Wednesday Aug 22.

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    NEW UPDATE! If you type in "counter strike" on the bing search engine on your xbox you will see a CS:GO advertisment logo all the way on the right side, click on it and it will give you a clock timer on how many hourr/minutes are left until the release! currently theirs only 5 hours and 7 minutes left! That means it should be (key word should) be available around 7:00pm EST (east coast) and 4:00PM PST (west coast) Sorry i dunno the time translation for the UK/Europe or Russia but you can easily google it. See you all in game!  =)

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    I will chop my sack off and nibble on it like a squirrel (or chipmunk, if you'd prefer that) if the game is released today.

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    think we should get a discount for being misled watch the trailer it clearly says 21st

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    its out for pc and ps3 now!!!!

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    im looking for players to play with on the game tomorrow so if any of you would like to play with me, send me a friend request or message me? i will look forward to playing with some of you tomorrow?  

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    Does anyone now if the game will be released at midnight tonight because while i wouldn't mind staying up and playing for an hour there is no point in losing sleep if it doesn't come out

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    It will not come out at midnight. Most likely 5/6 am depending where you live. Set your alarm early!


    Praise The Sun!

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    I just check the countdown timer again on Xbox and now the timer is gone! =(  What the hell Microsoft! Stop playing with my emotions! I already used one of my last call out days to take off work for this and your really mind F***king me right now. What was the whole point of the countdown timer? Just to tease us!? GOD!

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    I know its ridiculous i have wasted this whole day just checking if the game is available yet and they couldnt just get the timer right

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    Oh, well. Not really surprised.

    Saw this coming with the latest spate of Arcade releases. Honestly I don't even know why I pay for Gold anymore.

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    i've been eagerly awaiting the 21st for 2 weeks! 2!! and it finally comes, and microsoft cant change there release dates just once for one of the biggest and most popular online games ever. sadface is sad

    also, ive seen an interview with chet  (some dude working closely on CS:GO) and he said that the consoles will have splitscreen but it says nothing here, any news?  

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    Any word if its going to be in the store at midnight or is the time still unannounced ?