Cs go clan

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    Hello i have been loving this game and love talking and sticking together and owning everybody. So i decided to make a clan.


    MUST have a mic

    NEVER SWEAR (tired of people swearing over the mic)

    NEVER trash talk

    Dont rage quit 

    Stick together ( no lone wolfing it up)

    And no tryouts!

    Hope to see you soon!

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    Wrong forum. Go to the Clan Discussion forum.


    Praise The Sun!

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    Never swear and never trash talk? What is this, preschool? I'm out.

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    game is rated m...if u dont like swearing....play some rated e games...before you make a clan....learn how to make one

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    Never swear lol

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    I'll play

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    I'm up for it.    But the occasional swear word may slip out.

    Along as you have your ear defenders we will be ok.