Highest Score Possible With Controller Achievement !!!!!

    • Level   2

    Anyone know how to get this ? I have went through the game on hard without dieing and didnt get the high score.

    My Favorite Number In The Alphabet Is Purple !!!!

    • Level   2

    You need to do it on easy because hard misses out on 49 points and also you have to take every possible route there is to get to a highest score. There is a guide here www.xbox360achievements.org/.../showthread.php or just a point chart here www.dragons-lair-project.com/.../easy.asp

    • Level   4

    Supposedly you need to battle Singe with all lives and lose on the final move each time until your last life. I have done this 7 times and somehow cannot get the achievement. There seems to be a growing trend with achievments not unlocking lately.