Please Microsoft Bring Dungeon Defenders DLC

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    Dear Microsoft 

                        We as the Community Would Like More DLC for Dungeon Defenders, We the community would pay for more DLC no matter the cost, We The Community are tired of being left out. So Please Microsoft Work out some kind of deal. This game gets bigger and bigger each day. I know you guys are always fighting with Sony for games and DLC. If You guys really want to hit Sony hard hit them where it hurts. I know you dont know me, but trust me on this if more DLC started to roll out for Dungeon Defenders. Do you know how any people would leave Sony just to come play Dungeon Defenders on the Xbox 360. Im not going to beg but Microsoft look how big this game has got. Oh you look at the rating yes it low, but if more DLC came out the rating for this game would go through the roof

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    ^ This

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    I would have to agree. The creators of the game have stated explicitly that they will not release the DLC we want for the console because of restrictions that Microsoft has put on them. Then again... this complaint will not be heard. :(

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    Anyone have a link to the devs talking about this? I find it very odd that we get shafted on the DLC, doesn't make any sense.

    Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out.

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    look at it this way, Trendy's pc version is the best since it has additional things such as more characters, dlc's, and normally always around for support. were when sony released the last eternia shard as requested from Trendy. ps3 users had lots of problems such as crashes / freezes skyrocketed, were here for microsoft not releasing it. could be due to them wanting the bugs / glitches in the map removed to avoid what the ps3 version is getting. which takes time to tweak the codding and send a request / info back and forth from each other for a agreement of terms of use etc. so seeing as how microsoft is holding back it could mean they only want what is best for us gamers, instead of following suite with what happened to the sony version of DD.