Lost Item help.

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    Hello everyone,
    My younger brother downloaded this game quite a bit ago, I'd say about 2-3 weeks ago. (he got me addicted to it!)
    But he spent MSP a few days after he downloaded the game.

    How can he get items back if he spent msp for downloadable items?
    he downloaded the game to my flashdrives (unknowingly.) and all his stuff as well.
    He doesn't have his items anymore when he uses his xbox at my dads house so I', wonder how i can get back lost items.

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    I'm pretty items are linked to accounts not to an Xbox or via a gamesave

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    Yup i believe so too its a gamertag/account link thing, i would suggest mooving the stuff from flash drive to HDD on the 360 or to cloud storage also try looking into download history and see what was downloaded and if there is an option to download it again although this does not apply to items since can be sold for coin or deleted ...