Berserker Class

    • Level   5

    What do you guys think so far? Conserve AP and Dual Spinning is nuts. Ive seen it with sacred song maxed and holy cow can you spin for ages.

    • Level   4

    I'm curious as to how much stronger you get with the berserk skill. I think it lasts for like 5 seconds but if you love spamming rush there's a combo for ya

    • Level   2

    best combo ive seen is sacred song with dual spin.  All berserkers makes an almost unstoppable wall.

    • Level   1

    anyone knows if ap damage is applied while doing the berserker spin attack?

    • Level   7

    I don't see why it wouldn't, I have it on my weapons (only cuz I never focused on warrior b4 and I don't have anything better) and it seems to do the trick.

    • Level   7

    OVERPOWERED. Too easy to use and almost invincible. A cleric without dash is a dead one.

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    • Level   5

    to be honest the class sucks... if i didnt have an anti material warrior i wouldnt even have a berserker class setup...they only have one thing they can do.. the double spinning blade...which is good but NOT GREAT and makes the class retarded easy to behind someone-spinning blade-get kill-repeat... it gets old after a while

    • Level   7

    double spinning blade can be stopped kinda easy, just stun/freeze/ko or rt+a lightning blast. as for the infinite sacred song spinning, dispel stops that. all those easy counters + low hp makes the berserker pretty balanced.

    • Level   5

    I pretty much always play as a Cleric and my only problem so far really is that if there's a Berserker (or a group of them) attacking your gate with the double spinning blade and a lot of AP (whether it be Conserve AP or whatever) while you're outside of your castle you're basically defenseless and they can take down the gate without a problem. I imagine a Mage would be fine as they can range attack and if you're in the castle you could use the ballistas/bombs but if you're not in the castle (and can't get in with enemies at the gate) what am I supposed to do as a Cleric? I've tried using the shield bash to move them from the gate but they seem impervious to this when spinning and will kill you before you could do any notable melee damage. Anyone ideas on how to combat this as a Cleric?

    • Level   3

    I have to agree as of now, the berserker class is way too powerful the spin needs to consume a lot more ap than it is now. I admit it's really fun to play as! But I don't think we can ask for a nerf until we see the other two classes. Maybe they can counter it, or maybe they will be way more over powered.

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    • Level   4

    After Playing the Berserker Class since he came out i got a couple of things to say

    First of all he is not overpowered at all,i thought it was so at the start with the buffs that i thought would stack but nothing could be further from the truth ! for example i know slayers do not stack and other abilities do not stack as well,i can Only Hope that one complements the other eg if you got Smash 3 on one hand and 2 on the other they will stack to 5 But i am not sure about that since no one has released any notes or anything about how the berserker's weapon buffs work

    It would be cool to have some overpowered construction or smash (i tried with smash 5 + 5 on each hand but no change at all from the usual smash 5 effect i had with 1 weapon ...) power ups but then i guess the other classes would not be worth much.

    I think the cap is still 6 for any power up ability no matter how much the 2 weapons combined would have

    So far everything seems logical and the lack of armor because of the SHIELD and the block and Hit abilities was to be expected BUT then i noticed something Else that really pissed me off !

    I noticed the Berserker starts out a lot weaker than a normal warrior and has Less Health and AP as well ! i mean he got less health than a Cleric or a mage and the Buffs i have on his Armor parts do not seem to affect his HEALTH and AP BARS !!!

    I hope this is a Bug and that Toy logic will fix this cause it is pretty lame to have such a Huge disadvantage on a new class

    I Cannot Even cast a Group skill at the start ! i mean i got Cheer but Cannot Use at the start of the match until i level it up !!!

    I though this has to do with some sort of balance out in the single or co op player game and with the new comers and free power up tickets system but the fact is when i get another class i get the usual Health and AP Bars back but when i switch to Berserker they just shrink to nearly Half of what they should be ! How can this be ? Please look into it and see for yourselves if this is how it will stay soon no one will choose Berserker ever again i mean just for his double spin thing that everyone seems to abuse and for a couple more buffs on weapon that do not stack properly,its not worth loosing Shield and Armor and also that much health and AP and just get pwned so fast

    • Level   4

    -Yeah, Monstah - that situation would suck if you're the only one there trying to stop them.  I've not really played my Cleric much recently but do you have any weapons with smash effect?  Might work.  

    -There's always bomb rocks near the gate, so in that situation I would try to hit them with those first, then use a big ice attack (if you have it) to freeze one and try and finish him off quickly before you focus on the other one.  Even with high Shorten Cooldown they won't be able to spin at you straight away if you hit them with bomb rocks first.

    • Level   2

    I dont know about you guys but i play warrior with I've enchant and berserkers go down as fast as a mage. Killed 3 at the same time(mainly because I use super guard alot). Overall still like the tanking ability of warrior.

    • Level   2

    I can't say anything with Berzerker because he eats up weight like nobody's business... and I'm also only rank 28 or so XD

    Once they are stun locked, basically dead. Unless of course they have all resistances and then yeah.

    • Level   4

    After using the berserker class for a while. I have to say that they are good for people who have weak weapons (less than 800 damage) as the berserker can hold 2 weapons so they can compete with people with a 1100+ attack weapon. The berserker is very good at at stun locking due to the use of 2 separate blades with each of its own buffs that activate depending on which blade struck the enemy. Having a blade with freeze and stun effect while the other thunder and ko effect is a very easy way to kill your opponent.


    You could have 2 weapons with 1100+ attack, but you would be better off using a warrior with a shield and no HP/AP reduction. The rocket man which is unique to the warrior class, can kill/ almost kill a berserker due to their low hp. The only skill worth mentioning for the beserker is the movable spinning attack, but even then the warrior's spinning blade at its 3rd stage is more powerful.