parameter boost?

    • Level   2

    I was playing with someone and when i went to check their item buffs i saw someone with a parameter boost lvl 3 and lvl 2. What does that buff do exactly?

    • Level   1

    Parameter boost does increase every stat by a certain´╗┐ amount. I believe parameter boost level 1 does an addition 30 points to each individual stat. I'm unsure of level 2 and 3. It shouldn't be too difficult to extrapolate from there.

    • Level   1

    yeah i saw you while on my mage which has parameter boost lvs 2 and 3 as well as conerve ap 3 and 2 parameter increases all stats allowing me to tear through enemies faster and do mass in damage only buff i need now is hpyer magic shot or a warrior slayer and your gonna see me in game with 2500 magic attack on a dark wings :P parameter boost at level 3 and 2 increases my stats by 275 points all around.

    • Level   4


    Oh Your still like a plastic fish: [View:]

    where's la mobility speed for meh

    Don't use attack 6 >.<