• Level   2

    Berserk - July

    Zephyr - August

    Engineer - September????

    But aside from the release date, I'm more interested in what it can do? Enhanced building maybe? An upgraded Sacred Armor buff? (Robot) Heal over time? New castle defense weapons?



    • Level   5

    If they're as formidable as the Engineers in Mass Effect, then I'm just gonna quit early. But I have a feeling they might be able to set/upgrade turrets and traps, as well as repairing key parts of the castle.

    • Level   7

    Engineer I expect to be able to repair the castle door and other equipment. Also we know it will be able to build/summon a robot so perhaps it will be a little more offensive than the current cleric. I hope maybe they will give it an ability to toss a wrench or something like the warriors Rock Throw skill so they aren't so totally helpless against ranged/runners. I doubt they will buff Sacred Armor, it's already a strong skill as is. As for a new team skill, maybe a massive radius Dispel that also removes corpses (like pressing 'Y' to spawn stronger) to prevent spamming revive at your tower and halt any construction around your castle.

    • Level   5

    I really like that team dispel idea. I'm tired of guarding against corpses inside the castle. It doesn't look right....

    • Level   4

    I hope it has new turrets. Maybe the turrets can be upgraded like the engineer in Team Fortress? that would be radness