World Series of Poker: Full House Pro announced!

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    Official annoucement:


    New forum w/ additional info:


    Thanks for reading!

    JORAX, XBLA Release Manager

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    From the press release:

    "Free-to-Play—Jump in and play with real competitors any time, day or night.  Don’t worry about losing your chips either, because each day you will receive a free stack of chips to kick start your climb up the leaderboard where you can challenge players at any level you wish."

    You have learned nothing, zero, nada, rien, since your disastrous first effort. I will do everything in my power to convince people to reject this pathetic effort at a "poker" game where one can lose their chips with absolutely no downside to playing like an idiot.

    Game On. You have made a real enemy out of what was once a supporter. Game On, people.

    Full House Poker YouTube channel.

    Achievements are a pox on humanity.

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    I was looking to buy Full House Poker, but I guess there's no point with this coming out

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    do you think it would be stupid to buy full house poker or should i wait for full house pro? will full house poker be dead if pro comes? i was playing the demo and i loved it so i wanna buy it.

    Xbox Live Fall 2012 Beta Tester


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    Considering FHP has such a large userbase, I doubt it will be dead any time soon. It's like UNO, people will be playing it for a long time.

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    lost on what you mean Ed.

    there is a down side to (as you call) playing like an idiot.

    1. there is NO such act in a poker game that is 100%based off of PURE luck.

    2. if in a HEAT tour and you bust out NO XP for "X" amount of hands(being title is ALL about XP to win the room CHIPS MEAN NOTHING.The table you play at means nothing( same XP giving at ALL tables.

    3. you get about 26mins to play the round(play timers need to be turned down to 10seconds max; if you need more time then that delete the title you have clue what u're doing),YET (this is where ur term "IDIOTS" kicks in) people sitting and burning thier play timer every hand thus removing hands that could have been played getting more XP in just off a deal in.

    Never will anyone that sits at a table w/me and get a cheap pre-flop(checks are for the bank,i only accept CASH,LOL)

    i agree on peeps doing the ALL-IN everytime, but raising on pre-flop gives one a pot worth playing for.

    Ranked games kill me; once you hit lvl.50 ZERO buy-ins should be removed (lamest rooms ever).

    GET ready for the new xbox, used titles and (maybe)DISC copies are on thier way out.

    Why you think all these FREE-TO-PLAY titles are coming out; BETA testing the new required way to game on next gen.???

    Xbox LIVE Community Xpert™

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    The game has to actually come out before we can buy it.  It was supposed to come out in the Spring.  Here we are near the end of June and it still isn't out.

    Does anyone have an update on when this will finally hit XBox Live?

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    I will never again buy any Xbox Live Poker games. Once you get into the hundred millions in earnings, good luck hitting anything. I currently have 500 mil in this game and went 2 for 67 (yes, you read that correctly) on showdowns with Big Slick 5 times lost to 6-7, 5-4, J7, 10-2 and K6. With pocket QQs I lost 3 times to equally garbage hands, with pocket JJs once and with Rockets once. This is not counting all the sets I flopped and lost on the river, the straights that lost on the river to some idiot chasing 3 card flushes etc etc. The game is a disaster with all the bugs as well. I'm tired of losing money once a month when I log in. So far the game has taken away at least 40 mil just by logging on. It's impossible to go 2-67 with top 5 hands and yet in this game it happens. WSOP was a great game and they had to discontinue it. Fed up with kiddie poker games with catch-up modes for the idiots that don't know how to play and do nothing but go All-In every hand and beat your KKs or QQs constantly with weak Aces or some absurd 6-2.

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    fix the arcade titles already

    Xbox LIVE Community Xpert™

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    Game sucks just a fixed deck with tons of bad beats full houses flushes quads pathetic attempt at poker game

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    This game = BAD BEAT POKER. Rigged river cards. 9 players max. No multi table tourneys. No multi tables being added (confirmed by the dev team). This game fails in every way. It's not poker at all. I give it a flat 0 out of 5.