Bankroll Help?

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    I just got the game and I'm not the best poker player.. but I wanted a game that I  could just play with y'know?... I was wondering... if my bank roll completly runs out (after rebuying and whatnot) do I have to pay for more chips or does it just.. restart or something?... Because as I said... I'm just a beginner... and I want a game I can just pay for once and play without worry of paying more and more... thanks to whoever anwsers.

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    What happens is the game well give you a cash advance depending on your rank I believe if you just start its $1,000 cash advance up to Lvl 50 which gives you $250,000 cash advance.  I also believe it deducts from you earned xp if you go bankrupt to pay for the cash advance..  I am not sure though cause I have yet to need a cash advance.

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    Kandy Man is right, if you run out of chips, the game will give you some more. You will not earn XP for a few hands after that but there is no other penalty. You have already paid for the game, you certainly don't need to pay any more real money or MS points if you run out of chips.


    I have some tutorials aimed at beginning poker players up on my YouTube channel, please take a look, maybe they can save you from making some costly errors. Have fun with the game!



    Full House Poker YouTube channel.

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