Promo codes?

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    Anybody know if there are any out yet to unlock additional cards / foils? have google searched, have found nothing... :/

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    Give it a month or so and then they will come out.  I bet it will work like 2013.

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    They will release when the people that go magic tournaments post them online.

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    We are the last ones left.  All other platforms (Steam, PS3, iPad) have the first 2 promo. cards unlocked.  It seems no one knows why we (XBOX) don't have the promos yet.  Very frustrating!!!

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    First two codes are - these worked for me yesterday

    1 - GKSNDR

    2 - DWNNDR

    It will unlock the cards in the game, but you wont be able to add the cards to your decks until a patch is released later

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    That's not true. You can add them right after unlocking them. They're all in my decks

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    By now most of us have all 7 promos, but I'll post them here just in case anyone doesn't








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    Thanks, just got the game! Will put these codes to good use  :-)

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    3 More codes I just found for this game

    Code 8: PXPRMD

    Code 9: MGCCTN

    Code 10: JRHPRD

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    I just downloaded the game a couple days ago and can't get any of the promo codes to work.  It gives me the stupid message about invalid code and confirming settings are set to "Server Driven Content" enabled. I've tried downloading the game again as well as turning on and off the server content stuff with no success.  Has anyone else had this problem or have any suggestions?  Thanks in advance....

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    Server must've been down over the weekend working now

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    Thank you both for posting the codes. I just put them all in now, all worked. Woot!

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