Your deck setups

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    Feel like sharing your deck setups or just offering some tips? Looking for some advice on what to cut or what to keep? You've come to the right thread!

    I still haven't unlocked all the cards, so I won't share my 'final' setups just yet, but I try to follow a pretty simple principle: keep it fast, lean (60) and mean and NO cards that cost over six mana (there are exceptions of course). I do allow my decks to fatten up every now and then to see what works and what doesn't before cutting them down again.

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    I usually stay around 70 cards.  This holds especially true of decks with draw power.  I prefer to stick to the theme and play that out as opposed to trying to speed every deck up.

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    To be honest, I'm starting to think that 70 might actually be closer to the sweet spot for this version of Duels. I certainly seem to be having more success with my bloated decks than my lean ones.

    It'd be great if the game allowed you to save different setups rather than having to change them manually every time. There are plenty of cards and combos that aren't very efficient or competetive, but still fun to play.

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    hmm- saving multiple setups is a pretty good idea.

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    I try to stick to around 70 cards, but like HyperSMB, I play the deck to maximize what it seems to be set up for, so as an example,  goblins I keep lean and drop anything that doesn't support goblins or assist in getting them out. I also have not unlock all the decks (2 more to go). Once I start playing ranked against real people that is when you you can get a final deck set up.


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    I like to cut down to 61 cards.  It's tough cutting some good cards but I know I'm playing the very best of the best this way.

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    i agree with XboxHatesMyPoo .... i like playing with 60, it took awhile and was hard to cut cards to get my deck working how i wanted it.. but now its good :)