What's this thing about herobrine being in the xbox version?

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    Palmtop i mean no disrespect,but do you think they will listen to you and just drop all of this?

    Nope, that's why I said I would encourage everyone to make better use of this forum but I'm not under any delusion that I can make anyone do anything over the internet. 

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    you know the one thing i have yet to here is the one thing that makes the most sense and thats that herobrine is one gigantic publicity stunt notch used and started it to get more people to look into minecraft and play it thats honestly what got me interested was herobrine. i do however think that this would be a great addition to minecraft as well asa story mode containing so significant story involving herobrine steve and the ender dragon

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    ^Thats actually a good idea. People always say he should be added, but a story mode involving him.. I agree with you.

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    Its true. Herobrine is on the xbox version. I was just playing about 10 minutes ago when I saw him. I was on the tutorial map harvesting wheat when I turned around and saw him running down the hill beside the miners house in the village in broad daylight. It scared me so bad I got on here to see if anyone else has seen him. I truly never believed in him at all until then. This was no mod. I was playing single player offline. this is shabazz13 message i think he is right i seen him in my house breaking cheasts

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    I believe that Herobrine exists. About a month or two ago a friend of mine and I started a new world on the XBLA version. After making a few buildings in the spawn and discovering a nearby cave (luckily it contained diamonds) we decided to explore. My friend and I were the only ones on that world and were together at all times. Upon exploring the world we found 3 random tunnels in the sides of mountains that were 2x2 and about 20 deep. Also some bedrock surprisingly on the surface! We didn't know what to think of it because we were fairly new to the game. We've since built over the bedrock and filled the tunnels.

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    Herobrine gave my wolf herpes!

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    For all you believers, I think you should read up.


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    I swear I saw with my friend no joke he pushed me and him off a cliff and almost into lava and then my friend died for no reason and his bed was gone

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    Herobrine lives!!! I have undeniable proof! Behold!!!

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    your wizardry won't fool me..spaceman.

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    Not rare, today i killed like 5 to 6 with a friend of mine in the Xbox  version

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    hey he is in the game if u want him to never leave u alone just go to his cave on the tutoreal sorry my spelling sucks but what u do in his cave is break as much of his stuff u can and after that ur minecraft game is screwed he wont leav me alone at all have fun

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    Actually, i have never played the tutorial, so i wouldn't know

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    That sounds like you made it up. Have fun.

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