Level seeds.

    • Level   5

    Anyone know of any good level seeds?

    For levels with a good mix of resources

    I spent hours playing yesterday and found no diamonds, clay, Lava, obsidian etc.

    • Level   5

    Possibly in one of the other numerous seed threads.

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    • Level   3

    Try 888, I haven't tried it but I've  heard you spawn by a good dungeon that has lava, a good water source and a chest with good items! I don't know if the chest items are random or not though.

    • Level   4

    Chest has string, saddle, cocoa beans, iron ingot and gun powder.  As for the world, great mountain range in the north, kinda flat and boring everywhere else.  The diamond/lava problem, you just have to be lucky.

    • Level   1

    Anyone know a place good in diamonds? :P

    • Level   3

    Super Wes88

    Anyone know a place good in diamonds? :P

    You just got to be lucky. try making a mine the goes all the way down to bed rock then every so few steps you go back up, tunnle a mine going right or left is all you really can do to try to find diamonds!

    • Level   4


    is a fantastic seed , make sure the "M" is capital


    • Level   5

    Thanks, I'll try both Muncaster and 888 later

    • Level   4

    Worstseedever I've heard is a good one and 888

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    • Level   4

    "Nightcore Fantasy"

    -Contains a lot of diamonds and huge cave system underground. The top is simple though with every kind of biome exept snow. I have not found any snow at all.


    • Level   4


    the seed im currently building on it has a dope floating mountain thing. a few i guess i havent ventured out far at all JUST DOWN and making an EPIC tunnel system. its pretty cool.



    • Level   2

    Major my world pretty much has nothing but snow and ice, its snows every other day!

    The one thing i cannot figure out is how to share worlds?

    or find the seed code for your aka my world?

    • Level   4

    you actually make up your own seed it can be anything you write.

    when you want to share your seed, you just have your friends type in the exact same seed as you did with the same spaces underscores caps etc.

    itll be YOUR world.



    • Level   1

    try worstseedever found 15+ diamonds and great lava you spawn right by a dungeon

    • Level   6

    It's my first world, but I can't believe the luck I had with it so far. It's amazingly rich in resources (haven't seen snow yet, but with the way this map has surprised me I wouldn't be surprised if I rounded a corner into a snow drift.), but I've found numerous dungeons with monster spawners, several pumpkins, lots of sugar cane, and of all the luck I actually built my first home structure literally on top of a massive underground cave system that spans across most of the map and has allowed me to discover other caverns in the areas nearby as well. You literally cannot go down there without myself or another player who knows it as a guide because you will get lost for days down there. It's insanely huge and definitely fun to explore. There's lots of lava down there and a few spawners.


    At first when you spawn it would appear that there's nothing special about the place, few cactus', lots of sand, etc. but the more time I spent there I've discovered I actually had several forests, a few deserts complete with open lava right at the surface level, and mountains that were a joy to dive off from into the ocean. One mountain has a waterfall coming out of it naturally so I actually just put the finishing touches on a subway system to get to allow myself and supplies to get there quickly so I can begin constructing a massive castle just along side it.


    But I digress...if anyone's curious you can enter the seed: eve


    Several things: 1. If you want to explore that hellmouth of a cavern I accidently built my first home on, walk up from the spawn area, towards the ocean near a grassy overlook where you'll find lava pouring out of the cliff side naturally into the ocean. I chose the spot because it had lava, water, and other resources naturally close by, never realizing the amount of resources buried underneath there and other locations. 2. Most of the treasures in this seed are quickly found simply digging down a bit.3. If you don't want to dig, follow the shore lines to a forest nearby, there will be huge holes in various locations leading to other massive caverns, and one nearby cave with a spawner in it easily seen at night from the shore.

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