Damn Creepers!

    • Level   2

    Tree houses with sky bridges connecting each house. Then build a pier along the shoreline. Where you can access the gr

    • Level   2

    Where you can access the ground level without being swarmed by creepers. If there are any creepers when you're out exploring? Just lure them into the water. As long as you're underwater when they're in the water. They won't cause any damage if they explode.

    • Level   1

    ..."not hard to kill at all."  Nailed it.  Three or four arrows right through the old "pie hole" and sometimes you can collect up the gunpowder!  I really want that t-shirt from Mojang's that shows the inside of the Creeper...

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    • Level   5

    Galactic Geek

    After a Creeper scared the living daylights out of me & blew up my house, I've been playing on the peaceful setting ever since. Although it's nice to be able to build, I worry about not getting the monster hunter achievement anytime soon...

    Same kept happening to me, I suppose it was my fault for not being more careful. Now that my house is built though I'm considering digging a tunnel from my basement and building a small rail track underground to leave the house, at least then when I do leave I wont get a surprise BOOM! destroying it... LOL!

    • Level   1

    If you switch the difficulty to "Peaceful" you should have no problem with Creepers

    • Level   1

    Do any of yall actually read the thread before posting? The last response was in May when the game was released. Your post was redundant, as several people already said it.

    • Level   4

    LOL it's not redundant it's having fun. With the 1.8 update out for a while, build with enderstone (I think it's called) for your buildings. It looks like Sandstone and it has a very high blast resistance. Otherwise you could use obsidian. These two blocks are perfect for building in the Nether as well as they can withstand the attacks by _+ gasps +_ . Otherwise put it on Peaceful. x smiles x.