Minecraft Seeds: Xbox 360 Version ONLY!

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    I KNOW THE BEST SEED ITS CALLED worstseedever it has three mob spawners and has a big cave with 25 gold and diamonds hard to find it in the cave never ends. It also has a small range of monsters like creepers skeletons  zombies spiders the most is skeletons. Trust me  you guys wont  be disapointed.

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    any seeds like survival island

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    Zeus, check out the survival island seed in this one.




    Rock it out.......

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    thanks krazee

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    Any seeds for mooshroom biomes?

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    No mushroom biome until 1.2 Crackin...... Sorry.

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    Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but try out the seed: roosterteeth. Before the Ravine/Stronghold update this map was a huge island and had great cave systems, after the update it turned into about 10 island, 9 little ones and one big one. The small ones are in Swamp biomes. Don't know what you mean by tropical, but it seems tropical to me. Enjoy!

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    if you do GARDEN it is 4/5 oceans and 1/5 really small islands and it also has two mushroom mountains.........not a great map for exporling but fun for war with your friends( you fight across the islands)

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    That seed no long exists since the update

    Jeffery Blackmer
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    check these i found

    Grand Theft Auto - crazy mountains, really interesting, i think all biomes, hard to explain, breath taking, my fav seed

    party() - i found a huge plat form floating over mountains, i think all biomes, watery, amazing

    LSD - Full on trippy, extremely hard to explain, very jungly, one of the craziest worlds ive seen, randome

    This all happened when i did it u MAY HAVE DIFFERENT RESULTS

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    You should try my seed number 107337 it has 2 reveled dungeons, a village, huge mountain are, and more villages plus a ravine mine1

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    I have over a 100 active member's,  Most of which I have played with to insure they arent griefs or troublemakers.

    I also run a Page for seed coordinates, posted in the group,  including seeds found for End Portal Frames and other goodies.  

    Daily Updates, sometimes even hourly.  Active group.

    Please join if you are interested.


    Also I have included a link to a page I run for 360 Seeds,  I already have one up for an End Portal Frame, and one seed completely mapped out:  Ie:  Diamonds,  Chests, Etc


    All seeds are kept up with the UPDATES! :D

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    Any seeds for a single Island?

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