Unable to look around.

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    Anyone know how to fix not being able to look around?


    I can crouch by pushing the left stick in but I can't look around at all.

    It's not the joystick as I have tried 3 and they all work fine, narrowed it down to something to do with my account as on my sons account they all work fine. Also tried on 3 different xbox's as still the same.


    I bet it's something really simple but I just can't see what I have to do.

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    Not sure.  Maybe try to delete game and re-install.

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    Check your sensitivity in the setting. I had that problem. Sometimes it goes to zero percent by itself.

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    The exact same thing is happening to me, guess I'll play something else...

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    just reset setting's . it happened to me before while playing splitscreen

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    Thanks! You just made me my kid's hero :)

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    thanks so much it worked


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    Steve has a kink in his neck.  Get his gf to work it out. :P

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    Omg. Such an easy fix. Thanks.