Minecraft Seeds: Xbox 360 Version ONLY!

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    I have see a lot of posts oh here & other sites with people listing World Seeds.  I have tried a lot of them & they do not work, so I am assuming those only work for the PC...

    What I want is seeds that people have confirmed; WORK on the Xbox 360 Version...  Don't run off to other sites looking for them, I only want the ones you know for SURE work on the 360.

    I really want a Tropical island Seed.  Or a tropical Seed in general.  Tried many, but to no avail...

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    I do know this... The seed "420" sits me on an island & half is cover in snow.

    I have generated a few worlds using that Seed & got pretty much the same results every time...

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    What do you mean by "tropical island"? Do you mean like an island covered in sand or a forest bordering a big stretch of sand?

    I wish they released the jungle biomes already. If your looking for something tropical then that would be a biome you would really like I bet. //such tall trees. *o*

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    There is an interesting post with xbox seeds that have been tested and posted here www.minecraftforum.net/.../1219522-sharing-the-best-minecraft-xbla-seeds

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    Btw try "xbox360" that one has an island structure, 1/3 of the map is water so be prepared to make a boat or swim :D

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    killer natural cave ststems and tall cliffs great for lavafalls or water falls.

    incredible views too.



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    Try EpicMan,Ansem Seeker of Darkness, or U Mad Bro? [add the question mark tried it without not the same]

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    try magicandtechnology epic caves and cliffs

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    George Carlin<=======(best seed)= EVERYTHING

    fly= lots of mountains

    freaky=mountains grassy

    gargamel (over used)

    Diamonds (caves mountains lava waterfall or lavafall Large cave

    Modern Warfare arches mountains plains ocean

    Sorry for my language but Suck My *** 99911 is great 4 exploration

    From The Depths of Hell Does The Fallen Rise =ocean somewhat mountainous


    404 (great challenge)

    Skyrim=Snowy mountainous

    forever alone(barren dessert)

    i dont care (large mountains)

    Swamp(just epic mountain forest never ending cave)

    asdf (jungle mountainous)

    Waterfalls (nice terrain)

    givemeasnowworld thats Give Me A Snow World all one word no space (mountains snow)

    Wolf (Well Duh Besides the obvious its frozen)

    Ansem Seeker of Darkness (Awesome mountains also this with apostraphes like 'Ansem Seeker of Darkness' its got Huge Caves)

    murdock (great exploration mineing

    Glacier (of course in explanible try it n see

    all of these are on me i think we need a reliable source of seeds when we need them i think it shows my gt if not its killer ss red im game for minecraft anyday

    Post more that your know i didny put all the 20 character seeds maybe later

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    Anyone know what's the best seed for diamond gathering?

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    John Frusciante is a good one I randomly  entered that turned out pretty nifty!

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    Thanks, I'll try that!

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    The Map Diamonds maybe

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    I like Duke Leto II

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    DeEw BoT

    I do know this... The seed "420" sits me on an island & half is cover in snow.

    I have generated a few worlds using that Seed & got pretty much the same results every time...

    Well thats what seeds are for, haha. Using the same one over and over isn't going to yield different results.


    As for 360 seeds, my favorite is 8675309 . That was a pre patch seed so I don't know if it will produce the same world.